Friday, January 18, 2008

grenade throwing practice strategy's for counter strike source.

i am not going to go into great detail on any one counter strike map
but what i am going to do is show you some tips and console commands if used properly
can in time make you better at throwing grenades in counter strike source.

"first mistake i see people doing most of the time is dying with 2 or 3 undetonated
grenades they just run out get killed without throwing one damn grenade"

first start up counter strike source then make your own server.
now open the console and type in these console commands

sv_cheats 1 'don't worry this isn't a cheat we just need it so we can spawn grenades'

bind , "give weapon_smokegrenade"

bind . "give weapon_hegrenade"

bind / "give weapon_flashbang"

bind \ "noclip"

now when you press the "," key you will get a smoke grenade

and when you press the "." key you will get a he grenade

also when you press the "/" key you will get a flash grenade

and last but not least when you press the "\" key gravity will be turned off aloowing you to go anywhere on the map you like making it really easy to find good grenade bounce spots hit it again to go back to normal

i know what you are thinking this sounds like a lot of trouble but believe after a few days of throwing a thousand or so grenades you will learn a lot of spots to throw them you never thought possible

tips to remember are that just because you can't see someone on the other side of a wall doesn't mean you can't flash or grenade them by bouncing it off a wall or throwing it over a wall that you thought wasn't possible.

heres something else to remember when you throw a grenade you can back up at the same time taking some of the forward speed off the grenade making it hover in mid air thus detonating in your enemy's face

so go in your server and try to find all kinds of new bounce spots and throw over buildings and get creative who knows you may find a new spot to throw or bounce a grenade that nobody ever knew of

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