Wednesday, January 16, 2008

making your awp shots hit or register better

if there is one thing i get tired of hearing in a scrim or scrimmage it's this.

"omg wtf there is no reg or registration in this server my crosshair was rite on his head."

well your crosshair may have indeed been on the enemy's head.
but as far as the game code is concerned you may have missed by a mile
so what i am going to do is show you how to make you awp shot's register or reg better
these tips well also help with all the other weapons in counter strike source

type these cvar commands in console inside counter strike source to enable the console hit the "~" also know as the Tilda key. if after pressing the "~" key nothing happens you will have to check the enable developer console setting in keyboard/advanced settings in counter strike source.

cl_interp 0

cl_interpolate 0

cl_lagcomp_errorcheck 1

cl_cmdrate 100

cl_updaterate 100

cl_rate 20000

cl_smooth 0

rate 25000

zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.76

after you enter all of those cvars/console commands

close counter strike source then restart steam

now that we have taken care of that problem let's focus on you yes you
it is extremely important to remember that when you play
not to grip your mouse to tightly with your hand. because when you do that your
muscle's have tendency to jerk. usually resulting in you missing the kill so keep that in mind while you play. another this to remember is to make sure you stop walking before you shoot this sounds very obvious but this little trick is what separates the pub stars from the pro players. you can practice this by making your own counter strike source server and practice running and stopping about 50 times a day until you get the timing down pat.

ok lets talk about your gaming gear
i know that grime encrusted ball mouse is broke in but you won't be getting on any
cal i or cevo p team playing with that shit so here is a list of good gaming mouse's

the Razer Copperhead™ Gaming Mouse sells for about 55 to 60 bucks

the Logitech G5 Laser 2000 dpi Mouse my favorite sells for about 55 to 60 bucks as well

well thats all for now if you need more cvars / console commands and definitions of said commands for counter strike source check my other post i put a complete list of them there or just check this link

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