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Counter Strike Source Binding guide

Buying things at the beginning of a match can be a flurry of numbers hit, or a very slow process. Possibly even a deadly process if you are Terrorists on Dust 2. Binding greatly speeds this process up, as you only need to hit a single key to buy what you want. It doesn’t take very long to set up, and all you need to watch out for is that your fingers do not slip while buying, or else you will end up with something you do not want

First, you need to be able to get into the console. In the game, the key to get to the console is the "`/~" key. If you cannot already get into it, then you right click on the game and “properties” > “set launch options” > type in “-console”

In CSS, the format for binds is as following:

bind (key) “buy (item)”

in between bind and the keycode, there is one space. In between the key code and the command, is another space. The command is surrounded in quotation marks.

Following are the keys of the numpad, and the names of the weapons.

Attached Image
  1. kp_slash
  2. *
  3. kp_minus
  4. kp_home
  5. kp_uparrow
  6. kp_pgup
  7. kp_leftarrow
  8. kp_5
  9. kp_rightarrow
  10. kp_end
  11. kp_downarrow
  12. kp_pgdn
  13. kp_ins
  14. kp_del
  15. kp_plus
  16. kp_enter

Weapons and Items

name (console code)

Glock (glock
USP (usp)
228 Compact (p228)
Desert Eagle (deagle)
Dualies (elite)
Five-Seven (fiveseven)

Pump Shotgun (m3)
Auto Shotgun (xm1014)

Mac-10 (mac10)
TMP (tmp)
MP5 (mp5navy)
UMP (ump45)
P90 (p90)

Defender (galil)
AK-47/CV-47 (ak47)
Krieg Commando (sg550)
Clarion (famas)
Maverick M4A1 Colt (m4a1)
Bullpup (aug)
Scout (scout)
Krieg 552 (sg552)
AWP (awp)
D3/AU1 (g3sg1)

M249 (m249)

Single Clip of Primary Ammo (buyammo1) *this and buyammo2 don't need the quotation marks or buy in front of it.
Single Clip of Secondary Ammo (buyammo2) *this and buyammo1 don't need the quotation marks or buy infront of it.
Full Primary Ammo (primammo)
Full Secondary Ammo (secammo)
Kevlar (vest)
Kevlar and Helmet (vesthelm)
Flashbang Granade (flashbang)
HE Grenade (hegrenade)
Smoke Grenade (smokegrenade)
Difusal Kit (defuser)

For an example of binding, the code I have for my numpad is below. Each different line is a separate line in the console.

bind kp_slash "buy vest"
bind * "buy vesthelm"
bind kp_minus "buy defuser"
bind kp_home "buy AWP"
kp_uparrow is open for a choice on a whim
kp_pgup is open for a choice on a whim
bind kp_leftarrow "buy m4a1"
bind kp_5 "buy ak47"
bind kp_rightarrow "buy mp5navy"
bind kp_end "buy hegrenade"
bind kp_downarrow "buy flashbang"
bind kp_pgdn "buy smokegrenade"
bind kp_ins "buy usp"
bind kp_del "buy deagle"
bind kp_plus buyammo2
bind kp_enter buyammo1


You can also bind radio commands. These probably won’t fit on the num-pad with your weapon binds , and a lot of the keyboard is taken already, so the function keys would be best. Their Key codes are F1 to F12.

The radio commands are:

voice (console code)

Cover me! (coverme)
You take the point! (takepoint)
Hold this position! (holdpos)
Regroup team! (regroup)
Follow me (followme)
Taking fire, need assistance! (takingfire)

Go go go! (go)
Team, fall back! (fallback)
Stick together! (sticktog)
Get in position and wait for my go! (getinpos)
Storm the front! (stormfront)
Report in team! (report)

Roger that!/Affirmative! (roger)
Enemy spotted! (enemyspot)
Need backup! (enemyspot)
Sector Clear (sectorclear)
I'm in position. (inposition)
Reporting in. (reportingin)
Get out of there, it's gonna blow! (getout)
Negative! (negative)
Enemy Down! (enemydown)

Switching Weapons

Switching weapons can be a little clumsy if you are using the number row, and very slow if you use the scroll wheel. To switch weapons quickly with other keys, you bind a key to that weapon.

Key codes for all the letter keys are that letter. For the misc. keys, like ;, ', or [, the key code is the lower case character on that key.

To write the bind to switch weapons, type the following

bind (key) "use weapon_(item name)"

The console code for the knife is (knife)

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