Friday, February 8, 2008

bunny hop script guide with video

Learning to Bunny Hop?

Basics (Before you Start):

(1) Bind Mousewheel to Jump...


alias bhop "bind mwheeldown +jump; bind mwheelup +jump; bind Space +jump; bind ALT norm"
alias norm "bind mwheeldown invprev; bind mwheelup invnext; bind Space +jump; bind ALT bhop"

bind "ALT" "bhop"

This bind script is a toggle on/toggle off script. If your mousewheel up and down arent bound to inverntory next or previous then you should change anything which says invprev or invnext to your preferred button of choice found @

(2) This does not apply to most, but if your mouse scroll clicks when you use it, you may want to consider opening it up and removing the thing that makes it click. This will increase the number of +jump actions performed, enabling you to time the jump better.

(3) When attempting the bunny hop, you should only try it on a 100 tick server. It is almost impossible on a 30 tick and harder on a 66, so when starting out, I strongly recommend using a 100 tick server only.

(4) If you create your own server, server should be on completely default settings (sv_cheat 1 enabled if you want to noclip to the place you want to practice your bunny hopping at).

About the Jump:

(1) The most important thing about the bunny hop is your timing. If you cant time the jump right then you will never be able to make 2 consecutive hops.

Binding the mousewheel to jump helps with the timing. Every time you scroll, instead of activating the +jump action once like you do with the space bar, you activate it every time your mousewheel moves 1 notch. This is almost certainly more than 5 times with every spin, which greatly increases your chances of jumping at exactly the right time, when you hit the ground.

(2) When in the process of bunny hopping, you should never touch the forward button (normally 'W'). You should only use the strafe buttons, because then you have complete control of the character in the air. While holding strafe you can turn the character in the air (and, I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but I find that you jump further as well).

Mouswheel Technique:

The best technique which i have found with the new script, is to rock the mouswheel up and down on alternate jumps. Step by Step:

1) For the first jump, I rock the mousewheel down.

2) Without lifting my finger, for the second jump, I rock the mouswheel up.. etc etc.

This will create as many 'hits' of the +jump command as possible. It is also quite easy to get into a rhythm and you don't have to lift a finger.

The Bunny Hop:

(1) Start by running forward. Jump using either space or mousewheel (it does not matter for the 1st jump).

(2) As soon as you take off, take your finger off 'W' and press on either 'D' or 'A'.

(3) If you use 'D' then start to turn the mouse so you are facing roughly 35 degrees to the right from your original running line (I'll call it North).

(4) As you come down to land, give the mousewheel a downward spin. This should cause you to jump as soon as you touch down (make sure you start the scroll just before you land). You will immediately take off again, with the same speed you started out with or faster if you timed it well.

(5) Once again, as soon as you have taken off, take your finger off 'D' and press down on 'A'. Then start to swerve the mouse 35 degrees to the left of North.

Once you have done this, you have successfully completed your first bunny hop. Don't feel frustrated if you don't get it 1st time, i know it's difficult and it takes long practice to perfect it.

(6) Repeat steps 3 to 5 and you will find that you can maintain a constant speed or even speed up.

| TIP | When swerving the mouse to the 35 degree angle, try and make it as smooth as possible. This helps with your timing as you can get into a rhythm.

Bunny Hop on a Slope:

When attempting this you must remember that, because of the slope, you will spend more time in the air. Therefore you must adjust your timing that you were using on the flats.

This is exactly the same concept as when bunny hopping on the flat. Do exactly as previously explained HOWEVER, you will find you will rocket if you time it well.

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