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How to stutter step in CS:Go

Hey guys here's a quick tutorial on how to stutter step. Some people call this the stop shoot, or quick stop. It's all the same thing. I apologize for mRs.Waffles's bird in the back ground, but little guy is so cute I don't have the dark heart required to put him out.

delivered by today and the teacher
instead of staff uh... what happens is when you let go
the button can you moving into occasions electrodes to carrier weight with you
watch that let go of the bottom from across the alley disease idle stocker or i want to to do
that we had a controller motions are hitting the opposite direction ke or
move it sellick that's and i'll let you distraught right when you choose if in your brain
you also issue to the same time graduations majoring status tab now which would be aware of that needs
to be a really quick button press you can see here on the keyboard israel fax rose if you hold it for too long to move the
opposite direction which is not what you want i will look like this see are such a jerk back so cheap really quick prestigious wanna
slam it america a real nice tapping sound and that will let you have better
control so you can moved directions inches to have you come to a stopped mislaid p corners and pick out a strike into thinking you're not moving

cs go guide How to play the inside lane

The inside lane is the safest place to be. Here I explain why with Jamison's help.

three photos show here to tell you what
a play the inside core mix with the gospel of a drain where you always keep
across their on the closest inside corner uh... and by coming up on the
inside you can see that i can get right up on jameson and i can come out now if
i'm on the outside corner here jameson isn't spot me first comics but see
efficiently with this left off likable web browsers position so if you
look died in since a natural part bc now full stomach year go to come out here's a cabal all the way if we can go
up and see me so for following the gospel of a trend school on the move from the inside court reiterate around
here that's really what sorts and wide so that you can angle up and when the
exits alright so let's go to test this theory are real quick jameson uh... life
i asked try and get me you know in common era go slate on the way they know works is really
benefit yourself when i say that you want to be inside corner refried beans
and corn that's closest to the threat so law making the best example inside over
their gorda catwalk james don't shoot me so i can survive joyner-kersee t_v_'s pushing can't come
over here it's like the political supporters during peak autopsy through though it is in a straight years to be speaking out ever so slightly i want to come in on
this insight or disobedience a corner when i get to hear a lot of put my cross
zero mangal light gospel doctrine hughes holiness showed us annual switch around
like that so you don't want to come why it would be out here because i can't get
james in a better chance to get me uh... flemish foot on the inside so
likewise to come up at inside corner server here on the right you don't wanna
run up like this because it is the battering or waking up close and you could try to make the city and of course be as an example
thoroughbred to regedit there so that they inside lane we'll be right here james right i want to come in number comply to
come out somehow here not as good and hot humid and and they come out
dislikes that alright i hope that explains what i mean by inside light
such a combined that using your corner process of always
keeping across from a core unit infinitely better suck for more time summary today on the
inside corner then come out wide for the kill and i hope that helps everybody lakes jameson

CS:GO Pro Tips adreN Crosshair Placement

adreN going over crosshair placement

them there what's up guys gem and i'm going to go over koster placed
in the video gaming is one of the most inconsistent
factors in csc wanna make sure that everything else are you doing is consistent so that you can still
perform while even if you're a visit top-notch that uh... uh... cuz a lot of players have consistency
problems since insist just because some days it was bad
and some days a miscarriage and that's really what they're relying
on the most sinister rely on a memo seizure lying on higher settings here angles uh... you know how you're playing the
situations your cross their placement and casa place or definitely help you
improve your consistency 'cause it'll help you do less and then
technically so did erin to it i'll show you guys uh... incorrect way to take cashier that a lot of people do and i say the correct way so i'd say a lot of people play the prosecutor like this and say we have
an enemy rate here sore coming around the corner a lot of
people despite a mentally anywhere they think he's going to be so like this tennis pre five your your name is already at the corner so
there's not much adjusting when you get eating are you free five but the correct way to take a pet would be to just take your prosser make
sure it's always that had died an alias it's kind of just attacks the corner of the lawsuit this glued to the corner of the wall here
sick for a rally that's around a lot of law here press has a little bit out yourself to
reaction time made this kinda coming on the wall and the reason why this is better it's because let's say that enemy isn't there so all other times you know sometimes amy is good because
he happens to be there and you do pre firearm but what times of the people in positions
they don't think they're going to be an subsidy of a guy that subvert coming out
kalugin using the styled interior pre-taped say were coming out here help we cm now
have to react so i had that all he's in that position who are mouse an entertainment think
like to know and any movement on your mouse is obviously
going to be inconsistent and not moving your mouse uh... you really want to do move your mouse is lisa now as possible
when a man so here so it just so you're gonna react the way
there because it with your mouse then click in your moving your mouse margaret to get to know and save you the missile passer
placement where you snap to the wall here prestigious fairy steps lol and you can is walk around booby cm
valdez any adjustment mediate east his head
shot areas had to be reading your process and
all you do is click so there's less adjustment less like inauguration time because you're already
on its legal click faster so the salt should definitely helped out being consistent didn't come out in the seljuk sake alag you want to take after you clear out this spot here you want to take that
spot substory on here at say up that's what
schooling it's not now the swine here boom once that's claimed he stab
actually next what do you want to clear source i think this on out that's another spot right there so that
when i like your pre find out one after dump and now you may want to snap
up and it's not that's the only playing lets show n you might not have to do that and you can use to
create an exile let's say along a it emits unfit so you know for sure this
area's flame so so if you're an offer or even a
wrestler you know there is clean so you don't
like snap your cross into the small here do all that stuff you can canada spree
and at that point here in this way about peeking into reacting
as fast as possible like that you know picking out the whereabouts on being
embarrassed player is not intended to decide if it you could possibly anywhere out here some say you know we have a guy out there he's right days
at isabelle we use that kind of premix out yet we're so focused on actually giving too the corner that we want to preempt that were disconnects was itself a lot
more and called herself to hit a flip side do you know do more adjustment id
is needed so we're gonna much is going to come up
here and make the peak and now we have to fight over here sailor make sure if the area of front is clean before use
that kind of in exile if you use the other kind of style where
you can just come around like this you would see him you know like that allot of people use i
kinda image so uh... inexorable walnut do a lot more adjustments as needed that's all you know when you watch the
pros you like a like it that shot ekkada shot is just 'cause they're image the setting themselves up so well and
they're making the shots easy for themselves another time when you can use the
preamble style of cross of placement is when you know the enemy deftly campy and the corners so let's say a word
terraced respond you rush along it account of the dee dee's here it is no
need to like subsidies here and obviously p decline is no way to be
there even like you may have to stop here really you would do that if you cannot lilongwe
because it could be closer but you know that they could only be at
the corner so you could just come out like this and a pre in the corner nasty pizza corner he snaps this fall like amount check date spot you not detected that's why you notice
that back across a huge is never be in the note
where i don't know where floating so that you
know some people might think or on them
between the tape in the corner so i'm halfway between each that's wrong each
of these built one of the two i'd so let me show you another critic
example of how i would take archway with my
prosser placement and you cannot have to know the maps and
know what you need to clear out so you know what to snap your trust
there too so sarah come up our cheer process at this corner and i would prefer that corner and then tossed out my process declare
at cornell summer concert here throughout the caused a and let us not
back here is more likely to people here so i'll come up radio on walking the slow so you can gay grasp on it there's a slight my pre fire vanass now back to the small there's a slight lead free for steinbeck's that's all despite my prefect and then once i get this far archer
plaza snap back tomorrow and a lot of money like this and then when checking our trade c ob gyn jim
angle ceo michael why pizzas not know what why did this so i see more so what should i tried people like this of peeking in adjusting mango like this piece that despite my prefer after that passed now back to moto here and when it when i'm coming up here what did he buy prostate here snapped this angle rather than snapped here because i think
he's more likely pick me up moto then he is speaking here usually if a guy's in library he's
trying to get that information is try to keep you is to use you peak that corner
there so i find it better definitely keep you cross there at headshot level right here thanks for watching guys tell me on
social media twitter is at hopes the facebook dot com slash eric adrenaline and might which t_v_ channel two t_v_ slash adjourned
underscored t_v_ thanks rushing as

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CS:GO Pro Tip Series: TM counter strike tips

this week's Pro Tip comes from Zach "TM" Miller, of Hold Mouse One. TM gives us an overview of the bomb-carrier's role, as well as strategies for attacking a site and holding it after a plant.

the but it is acting a little bit play for are all moslems my position would be a country fair and or a volunteer high tentative also
maps that i did go on for some sunglasses is the pins what our strategy
is going into it and the team we're going today on the scene of community going
over how to properly bonds position yourself to voter turnout in situations the pressure of having to for up to be
split on this map would be a freak out and waiting to be battles when i don't
usually do with the bombs situation as i wait for college on employers patterns possible waiting
for my team to unit a four you know just attacked what they are so
speak i think uh... what the among does is he comes amid all of us if you'll
smoke he was called to double doors and or on
the sparks on xbox and once that happens the juvenile
fairly marginal feis out in so cal cities font and they pushed out of the and what i do
with them on is after he among helps to smoke and
fire she comes back into because money and i'd smoke and flesh into this be
bomb site understood and i usually did not push up until you know
misinformation and when you have the bomb a big thing that you want to be
cautious uh... is not ready all by herself because if you die with the bomb
vendor team is more likely than others around so after they push out little they flashed into being reflections of
the we make our way into the bomb site the main sparked a border plan b would be right under the decide below window to the right of when the russians a and i will not ever play that until i
know then double doors for window fully covered because i want to be in
the middle of a bomb poet and somebody running on these because
that takes visibility and it is way too much time to pull your gun and more likely that person or run and shoot you can fall back but if your team is getting pressure
from double doors a lot and you have with the security of very
good spot of quiet with the eighth directly below when does the left and you would play here and it's very different image across
from the spots and watch the push in the window why you're planning then that way after you plant and
everything is going to fight you can fall back so where your team is perfect cover up people's off the bomb plant on either
side another very good spot to watch the bomb if is planning on the right side will be
assigned priyanka this box because this person is not being wheeled for and you can see
people speaking the box is outside of the double doors or running in through
smoke and it's a very easy in the residual or people trying to get
a picture window arrests diminished we're here and what we do is the first three good sponds the rush long and slay
flashover and they were trying to take control
this they will push out and we forward me n
another player usually ian martin to come and get all and what we do is when i had the bomb
twenty-five smoke middle-class hope the double doors off the start and that i watch over a while he walks of cap so i'm pushing for him to run up at
least question for me not to get pushed after i thought for him he pushes up he has a kill you getting killed and he
does not getting killed i'll be right behind them to think of
those who kills or three if they're going to be there people along star flashing and smoking
in saying so we won't be counting intake by hopper insight or egg pews which will
be right next to the east side on top of the platform and what they will do is they will still
be elevator or this opening right here from floor seats eating etc and after that it's moving flash we push
in i'm always second unless i know there's people russian
behind a but i will run in and the most common plan spot would be ready here
planning for a long if you have control of longing and cat playing right here is the best situation
because you can play long hair on the long a platform you
belong to a platform properly and watch this even planted and watch this and
entrance fees and you can also if you are requested
relationship you can control this whole area by walking and tried out some of your
point opponent tried to defuse the bomb another comment very well used plan spot if do you do not have control
of long and you know they're pushing behind his desk at you cannot control cat it is still left in this box closest
accuse and you play it right here the spot is kind of difficult to defend
and less you're playing here on the radio and you know there's nobody coming along
in their only coming cap the best the best way to play this would be not
teaching this this is the most recent had charges the team you're playing is
good with a player playing against a very good so we want to do is you want to play the
single you wanna watch lower and if you know is coming pat we want to do the same thing another
course information is unlikely the sound unit again and
played a single of walking around and making sure that he
cannot job over this and that he's going to the
following all times so that way hired by may can run out of time on the
fuse all and i think that if you can at any moment fan discourage spartan but we never planned with we never play
i never plan that was being right behind the main double stack boxes
in the site your complaint right here but the thing is you can easily get
flight from cap and you can get shot from only a
platform and that is not a very responsible and
he's he's the only first

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: sapphiRe counter strike tips

Today's Pro Tip comes from Heather "sapphire" Mumm, who is competing at the Women's CS:GO tournament this week with team Ubinited.

Heather contributes a deep understanding of CS:GO to her team, and in the video below she shares that wisdom with the Counter-Strike community. Watch the video below to hear her thoughts about early game economy, and how to recover if your team falls behind in the first rounds.

mainly is heather mama my player name is
set for so i'm gonna talk about this time around same rounds nicole
brown's and why and when she buys second weapons certain armor hand grenades when you're testifying this time around
i'd suggest that at least for players and eighty it should have archers your opponents are not happy to
thousands or details on that kind of terrorist team so having armored and help keep you
alive for longer hammer and suggest at least one player should have been aids
it's gonna help uh... well you have more versatile straps a bid that need to have is a smoker nate
um... you can't smoke down in the seattle area here and this is going to
help protect you from san diego is waiting on the other side your you'll be
able to get out the catwalk quickly uh... if you have this of flash can help
you can enter into the site is really important for one player to at least
empty grenades to allow you to have more strata options and the rest of you seem
to have armor and that's going to go out for a long
time as a commentary on your pistol around
you're gonna deal with a a few things different than you would uh... these
terrorist acts d_d_t_ followed on from paris which is
the clock isn't going to kill you in one shot uh... therefore you really don't need
iron is more important to have a great for example if you had long eight here a quick maintenance used this following
and gonna stop for a chance can allow you to investors and rotate or if your if the terrorists are rushing
out the catalogue here flashes godfather and out of town lower it's units from all over the phone sex
but it has also break advocate because that's the browns can come down
to is really close one b one situations they're not gonna have much time to
defuse it's very important to advocate both counter-terrorist and terrorist
incarcerate all of the fifty one for us in older versions of kind of strength only is it a restaurant owned by the
funds it's actually attendees and got a lot of
people make fun of it uh... all of you know someone bundle managers must endure on reception at
that time the nice thing about it it seems incredibly rapidly compared to a deed on which you can't
family this so that's a great for russia's silently and your comments resting and
he's got a lot of them you can actually do some decent damage you're not going to get the head shots
like you do it that we going to one-shot kilts similar to this you are able to stand here and he has to
do significant damage dx if you realize that the first round easy going beyond brownfield and you're not going to have a lot of
money because he didn't win that round sola a lot of times discontinued either
save completely unjust essentially for for the rally seeking the money in the
next round or he can buy details the needles pistols anything credibly
accurate as essentially lacy the author of pistols you'll get a got a
lot of one shackles of this state if your team is on side really suggest that done it's it's
only eight hundred dollars it's enough that you're not wasting your
money but he's still have a legitimate chance of winning that eyes how they can't figure if you went
around it's also great to buy is the main seven th kind of a a one-shot want kill you're going to want to be close up to
the players who cannot bring a long-range it it shoots multiple bullets
at a time as you can see here seeing a lot of places in close quarters maybe can get it was finally fierce
opponent do you really don't want make these long range shots because it's not
going to be happy if you can see the the bonds are coming down here you can
either ending higher another second round done that's that's
really great to buy is d for mass it's very similar to the calill uh... it has a different aspect though
in that it has been for the first fire automatic mode semi-automatic minus is going to be
great for close range combat uh... well the first fired really good for a long range it's can
allow you to be a little more accurate automatic it's great for sam therapeutic if your pollens rushing
activist five men coming your way offensive hispanics hometown to control the required esther the second round even if you lost
the first three rounds terrorists are going to start buying chicas a lot of
college fairs aren't going to buy guns yet that's because then i think what
thereafter after these are gonna stick with their mosses or let herself so i a case gives you a little jim it
shot at winning around is essentially headshot machine it's it's also that'd
be great chance of a one-shot landfill it's a lot more accurate than bennett
any of the essentially such a great third round flatness it's also very
button for the rest of the the match essentially blessing also trust eat the economy system is when you're
getting into omg on grounds which is usually around
three and beyond wing both teams have a weapon d op is a fantastic time is it's
incredibly accurate and it's great for a long range combat
it has a signals called and they don't start however when you do get a killer
that it's only fifty dollars per film and it's also one of the most expensive
don saying that i want to have many of you got a lot one or two you pretty nice yet a done deal should have will be uh... other counter-terrorist
senior guy wants vis and four which it's going to be
slightly more money port for kayla three hundred dollars compared to fifty with the off but it's not as great for
long-range combat however it's fantastic or stopping crashes so if you find rushing to be bombs are
here to industries lover spray them down where you can also view it happened so by tapping you're gonna be a little
more accurate than you could spend taken control of everythi

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: nEiLZiNHo counter strike tips

money until he was innocent and an upgrade for u_k_ can restrict
global for instance i was a sponsor because i was one of the support for the
games and only took the whole thing without planned and i've run out of
ideas and medicine fashion and use those individuals to yard vonage prints try and capitalize on it this is de enige ksl esculent terror stating that take a much
needed on site if you're gonna comment onto the opera
psychiatric and usually a lot of yahoo and type in the russian through this high i think you have a
couple of nights commences cricket or so if you're going to be the first got it all the hot which is the most important
In this Pro Tip we hear from Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay, the in-game leader of FM! TOXiC. Neil walks us through his team's approach to de_nuke from the T side, stressing the importance of pre-aiming to catch defending CTs off-guard and throwing smokes to cover vulnerable angles. He also gives an overview of an aggressive play for CTs who want to stop an incoming rush.

role you cannot protect the most important
sports which is all that preeminent bush has won the most important things and
when you think of a strict so as i was going to commit this section
and a the first they should have to check a very happy because i was in
those columns bought the people set if you were going to commit of your call
sir they're ready to agree with you before
then have to bring them up so if you're in the clinic pimpri ended
up there you can just come in and and so they
fear the regular hate to get the first co and and then second point com passes and the schools no sale so once you filled by a long then you can discount the bosley nature every click on the rafters is
most important lessons check you have a couple of personal doctor
here so overseeing it victory and rent here in
texas concorrendo about membership when apostle peripheral
namibia where the miscarriage here so if you're committed because it on the second world of chris critical you'd try your best to try and get rid of this error people really want
a faiths i guess all political long-range with you and you've got a case of if
you're gonna hope for that door refuge if you know for a fact is going
to be playing and their long-range dies did you can hope for the door but a few jumper and and your team it
does not make that kelso than those kanin the viewed who live on the books
you can share very accurately oil strengthen so esters up protest sounds like you're
pollsters what they are then you're gonna die a few jumping about so you just have to try and get as low as
fast as possibly can maybe john once brand the corner ball and if you can even if you guess what grade off as soon
as possible and dust efforts for laws changed and what we did as a
strident you cannot she'd like you know you can do it at the door so you don't want guys send back here for
tracking i've laid off outdoor before and then if you took a school register
that capital such as long profitably and this may help slow you can smoke off
before you got to be raised if you can mission celeb strategies
before and get out there in dirty campaign the
path of iso as soon as i think was off to go through the open unless half a
second after law school is going to be done so you're covered completely from
the again disguised even authority about the details issued a flash bands as well and i'll even blame the people up there across the state so yeah that's ideal if you can get out
there and for them that's really good stuff it further likens interpreted as well as you call
star pasand you've got usually argued you have your first it personally go and
then you have one guy just come into the hot and spawned throughout smoke just think it's a kind regards first
tikkabilla quickly and you can just send a and hold off f your correct address you're going to play a more aggressive
aloft players like today uh... and at the school here saluda skin awaken in the heartland to
say here and then flashes come into the for the skyways other one point gentle
tra wall of a law players especially if you just putting it kind
of course devote can attack up here for so you've
got that advantage on the few clinic as you can get the first day being afforded in control of the hot air
youth totally stop the rush can you guarantee to the the first
couple echoes or if you're planning to ascertain and for example you've got off the
progress that their stupidity which is really good has occurred last few days
to the south use taken full all the instantly so that
i am terrace country anything so if you've got the first see guys in
european with the best sponsors uti you told me that your so the first few
guys who just watch the keep the gonzo avenue just take control of this error
handle all the time the test of the city center itself and
get a rather just florent and then you'll have your fourth member
jump in that oversight choco fudge front office huh that's uh... while the hot here which
wheelbase live explain daniel m and this area so does usual default sell for tests to
discover co-operate has come in here taken control of the new of one person's
fault here so if you're going against a regressive
team bushes all we've really done a couple of ryan's so that russia four illuminates this
person here and he's gone off the fall-back if he
faces especially high is dead so the spectral across the sky also you
basically isolate the two tests that are going to be taken herself and you are free of your teammates
fishermen and they won't be expecting a postal
still definitely died so it's really easy going first complicate was and then you can just
fall back and once you phone baki you know you go
about biology glorification of our and then you have your fifth member to
school in this is a very awesome account funky behind again because that's the one area that that's
the foreman structural yeah thousand-person washing about
you're back all the time than it once you've got a cover but it's pretty easy
if you get the first it goes so thought that the mothers if one of
the regressive friends this on front left that's really good

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: ruggah counter strike tips

This Pro Tip comes from Casper 'ruggah' Due, of Anexis eSports. Casper gives a broad overview of the support role in de_inferno from both sides of the map, with a focus on some clever smokes, flashes, and even a molotov to help your team attack (or defend) each bombsite.

the lenin's casper i'm twenty four years old allied play
coach ago for team in texas i play the merits of fifty those in the in the team but i've always
been the folklore is mainly because i'm not the the
biggest mef writer i'm sure a lot of people i'd take my kills every once in
awhile but i'm not the one making the rams
change in our favor under technical mind and i tried to held my teammates when
the rounds and make them good you can i'm going to talk about being a
support player on federal one of the things you can do as a
terrorist support player as to help you it
teammates achieve this area you can do it with a flash bang you'll flesh here which means twenty flash if there's a opponent waiting for the guy who kidnaps if
you'll be flashed and then do you can have your teammate
jumped on the wagon command jumped onto the balcony after he preheat the checks this room
buchanan's please go down and take control of the more stuffs if you control it you would pressure
become a terrorist to plague defensive this is a huge atlantis for the
terrorist knowing that their opponents are playing defensively if you control all of this you can do
with the things that you can't you can split to what's the small onsite
foosball you can smoke this ariel and then you can split today side again from small pet a good smoke for the taking control of arch would
beat standing here and second metal just coats the shadow of uh... won't
great and the name for the becaue further the corner at uh... trips when woodland inside uh... and fed up introduction the cigar smoke when you have to split
but uh... for a small bit because if your
insides form holding the spot from here you'll be
you'll be pressure to rotate to library and if your own if you're as terrorists know that your opponent s to rotate to
average they can be waiting for him even without all playing defensively or they can go back recently and try to
pick them off you can also just to a close middle searching mates concludes aquat without
being seen enough to put a smile refused so it
covers the whole part of middle this is the way you can control the a
bonsai you can also as a full plate rotate
traps way confer a smoke in the in the at the
in the staffs so that that's the the cities at the site and see if anyone's
himself if you will look at one of smoke at all from second little without being killed
twelve doing it a good thing could be to list you have to take this roof made it touched you know the roof at the top of the other roof and when you do it you just aim your thumb if you lift hand will have to
move into touch there the white powder affair and generator
and then the will pop on the balcony effects as a simple player is not important efficient all the people you see is it's normally enough just to take the
focus free teammates to do something else while while you're doing something assisi numeral will be either as simple but loose it would be things falling slash farce a dismal bomb south with questions you can instead even staying inside inside the rains and flash for teammate and they will pop on top here which means everyone rotating into the
bebe on site will be flashed not for very long but it will stop them and local pub right here which means if you wouldn't if you just into the side you'll be flats because
we've learned how to swim it and at the pups until the fitness or you can stand all the way down in
spawned just waiting for the fleischman thirteen maart position you can have had the sieges
that will be playing the smoke it slash squad the normal the beginning of france you
have to watch out for the chris oppression we could mean but you can just wait here stand on the roof
of the flesh bang volume made in march will be spotting and if you see
something you can flash minister for and you can tell you killed instantly if you pull back you'll have to play rich marcos'
ballplayer you'd you can't just an taking all the deals against some uh... some of the best they
merced if you know your integrity and we have to position himself correctly miss williams if you have made in if you had and city
medan pick that do it have to put into something like this standing here with west bank if you do
not think you can flash keep the mccue do components away anne and they start just pushed you can
fleischer pia for each image if you've prisons for instance a flash
flood plaza need help venue for a for soviet and use the fortitude that so you
supported the rule the support of the side will be with crime in the first
place always always trying to help out all the places
possible and also showed emotion you go beyond the word you crouch painful and and you can't one two three and you make sure that your aren't aiming on the top of
the fence with the middle of the pressure the top of the cross should be should
divided half when you first and going up and it will explode and then if your here at the boxes you'll be here at the home also if you're here behind this one you'll
also be heard which means if i was if i was standing here and the most of catron their i will have to be to instant
rotator here because if you stand on some of the mold
so while the pressures having you'll
instantly die from mls of or you'll be killed with ten hpr something series is pressuring them to rotate while playing the defense of site basically support player at infernal
will be keeping it in most of its frontiers to when the road.

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: AZK counter strike tips

In this installment, Team Dynamic's AZK discusses a variety of tactics to employ when using the AWP Sniper Rifle.

not how stuff and i think we have going on a competitive masters was like really
important a lot of people are not sure i think i
think most of the list goes on groups like the design edge that is what
we are going to wait until it hits the stand alone as a mystery imaginations and that's expire obviously is always
accurate that's the way you can get together most
active adrenaline if there was a guy right there and i'm pretty far away from moscow to
them at all levels are going pretty accurate but if i'm not doing this
technique and assuring us that site and the boys are going to look over the
place uh... people don't know when they should
not single score double scopes sister some spots are because it's just a note
of singles in because you can see everything around
the house a lot easier in that you can see flashes
coming over our certainly objects a lot easier gps where people are
feeling the doubles for way too much and basically gives a vision of nothing
around athens like one flashover to train whatever you want to do in this
incoming sandy flew by president was alex hills community just
like everything right perfect offer that was that differently on that some people say that
if you like double scope you basically have a tendency shotguns
that yet the model that you seen this week is
bigger staff writer it really depends on how
you feel like if you think you can get flashed over the wall of somebody should
single school kids uh... if you think you're going to get
keith i guess because snipers in a common-sense challenging then you can
safely land double scope and just wait for him this is really cool to absorb them you can watch a lot of job from consulting fees when there's people that go down the
latter and we have information that usually
vietnamese cannot throw molotov or a smoke at me and the latter shrimp has
completely leg and is able add everything's going ok people dismissed
equate oftentimes not just let me go back matter though usually did on this
letter like really killers the and uh... sometimes i'll just go about making the
million start running right away that's one of the main things that you
don't even get down so he wasn't if you're going to matters
this like a case about it is really helpful to you when i jumped when you're on the latter so you get in
this corner right there and they don't see it doesn't just jump
across in order to see if we you get a smoke and throw it on a train and you believe that you can easily get
out you can get up on this latter filling up you can yes thank you very
much evidence i'm not going to see one of the response
of inside the mistakes are there was a
thumbnail where there's a little bit harder but this is it as it was really
open and you can use the op uh... agreeing that i can go as far back alley
or i didn't have much usually when i wake up all right sir support your from my summary here uh... this section of the songs but it
gives me a special interests but basically says is backing you up for
a few elective play here women for which is fine but you really need to user let us know when you have something to
do this and he decided to end up with me anything he's speaking to you and alot of people really like to keep
the dolphins uh... he treated me like this but i
think it's a good health reform and i a lot of people just like to thank yous because the crotch in his name is pretty
much like to use them so he was like speeding across in uh...
traditionally has been gathered a small hat box than the other usually have across ur and it just level so if you crouch it
usually have pulled across in a little bit down uh... when you keep in touch with the
fast so that's going to be like a split second trip this week's shooting before
you can get you back i think this is not one of the thus far
that you really have to always flash before we can do or something like that i don't
actually is having i i one of my team is safe are
back to you soon all the flash and i'm sitting at close range and as soon as i thank you identified from the from far away so
it's going to have against the factual they laugh about it the and i think those left off last week and that wraps up the harsh again please connected hold its annual and if it does
libros obviously can't meet once was going to back off and i can post opened indonesian b_b_c_
it's an easy job for me is that what has happened if i have a couple of minutes
right behind the natives are getting close and they can start taking control of the
spot and then when they get close peckinpah flash for them again and they get out are usually when a small inside out and
we can you please get out the control of his and we have to elect is withholding to control just this whole area it's
really really easy yet i was absolutely not

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: GeT_RiGhT counter strike tips

In this Pro Tip, we hear from NiP's GeT_RiGhT. GeT_RiGhT provides a broad introduction to the 'backup' role in competitive play, and demonstrates how backup players can position themselves to make the biggest impact on a round in de_inferno.

well my name is christopher else and i
go on and in the cannon deprived the federalists pretty much the tax
loopholes besides his trying to take down all elements actually coming
to the site and the backup role which is on the guy
should coming in and trying to flush them or trying to help in which he meets
of safety needs to became more deficit because his village beyond trying to be
the first actually protecting them or getting spot on or yest trying to help them with flashes
so it's a basing i'm gonna show you how to do back
a plane b_-two on this smaller settlement from here for example i am i'm playing you know in
my win ninety minutes prior bigger and he's the usually guys walks and
confident the first corner here and discuss in buying the box here we call
it like fruits in this week if but that's a strict and easily seen here in and on balance
in hearing what you saw on the screen remaining or something like that today
at the carter so basically sound understanding in this
bomb and indian site back in the past easily get flash in from their but
biased on him like but um... moron so saying yes than there yes waiting to like the clock is
actually hitting one for it because the wrong time is twenty five so one thirty or less iced a smoke tom
donahue and then i actually have found out that the smoke is second being for
fifteen seconds or fourteenth i'm not sure except the
winners but then i know that uh... those fifteen
seconds are going to be removed so it's a from
around so i'm not i'm not three warring that they can a rushing because the
smoke is really by park it's not true mostly because privacy office pcm yes
down here in the true too small to see what's going on here after that the smoke so strong he's got thrown out a smoke in the night
basically gonna fall back to spawn era to see if it would flashes and you see if if the south is going to
gonna happen if you since yelling that they're coming beyond this trying on normal flashed on the
declaring and then i attack and uh... himachal into this time stillwater and then the only thing i'm doing if
they're smoking a rough demos all around them that this i was here two rooms and enough to be ready here to be seen
looking if they're coming up and hopefully on over my my team this is
still alive and he's usually on the free boxes here and then i can actually be having a
crossfire sonos coming up and then just trying to help and if
something goes badly in the wrong they're attacking me or be here i'm just trying to figure out
where they are attacking me flag this tomb in a small to fascism ain't i'm
just going to be trying to be kills two speedway which we are calling
here understanding here here pretty much
every needs all around for me if there's a flash in maine actually sounds from me like they're
still won't be possesses some still so x-axis saying that's going to be hitting
the road there but from me feels like this their exploding everywhere so i didn't like action figure out the
c_-one on their monitors so remind moto rokr like seeing on the radar what's
going on if this is someone here along is to get
a new c_n_n_ rental taller something on the monitor on the planet on my screen on the rate of three and know exactly
when it did and i think they for example m_i_t_ was used to paying i receive in
the middle in beginning but then he falls back to the smaller and watching
if someone is coming here and it's used to having you repeat if you see someone
there and sick calling this comma smokes a
song on history here would uh... for my
flashes and i'm going to photo custom the flat is gonna hit here usually there and then they gonna be like surprise
when all assault and there's a flash community of trying to run here in the
west would be to split into spa mera some i'm usually close to a but in the same time toasted
the second help up nineteen at friday here and this dilemma flashes here
exorcist needed and that's pretty much what i do want for example in for a family in backup plan yes then he
respond with a flash a trial more the seniority and whatever one wants to
do work who want to do anything wrong and you
know i go there or if afro throughout the man i hope that but i don't do
anything to specialists in your life that i will stand with flashes or trying to figure out where they're
coming and helping my financing some weights if they need help on a
number of if they help the her career.

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: Fifflaren counter strike tips

In this video, Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson from NiP gives us an overview of how his team goes for picks and executes their inner strat on de_nuke. He also demonstrates useful smoke grenade and flashbang locations on the map.

and my name is from the house and might
mean unassisted foreign on interstate forty million people intervene with the uh... to help out those charcoal or annals of
the uh... on the main sponsor and i think so i tried to uh... play out there is a portable and is busy
trying to give them an insight on the what might happen and you know what the
confirmed through connor refunds as well as helped out so that when it comes to
syntactic sit to decide if web the other thing might be doing their own tempest initially guys following team
m_i_t_ uh... just try to kal topics summer sonograms uh... we always try to have two guys go
outside so once most of which argues is that
right online distill herewith this little box and i just came right over over dis one anniston randolph find all the way the roof understand landline desert right here as you can see it's completely covered so if there's an opera singer uh... he's
going to be told smoked out age and we do not much he's gonna have to rotate
back and and when this happens how you she
tend to go over here someone just gonna stand over here who crossfire spend all
the way to see to spawn just in case there's an opera with him well this is going on we have three people in there in the lobby area of we always have one
person out here that's just basically holding are fine teach us something
waiting for the guys if they decide to push uh... and then we also have two
guys trying to push around i think he's this way for us to pressure
for us to push round would be and most of times usually like to smoke
and stuff but once a small pieces is gone one or the ice is gonna sound
right here and it's gonna throw to fleischman at school and rights basis the so if you have a seat in the
southwest is canada flies if you have a c steve just as he is
going to finest and also from from this area as well so they say we just want
fires will cover most of the area area over here which makes a lot of users for our guys
who announced to clear the area and all in all souls
again just two of them disappear and then we also have affect position now wouldn't goal under
catwalk for example we could also go downstairs and and basically at this point around uh... with this went on to decide
whether to go if we're gonna finish downstairs into the finish and under cap or and so i'm just gonna show you guys how
we take over on the cap rock so basically what we have run we have three guys here is the guy from
lobbyists low it's gonna wrote a backorder have three guys here which is
less than two weeks hello this is happening we have another time all the resources right here with this moved us is that when they
come up from that and a sucky king bed this area's completely smokes if you
have someone standing and then on them on the team and for what he's going to
be tolley smoked it can be covered and our guys can't use the just go up here
with i can shop from from behind and also what did you lose we always
have on god to walk through free salsa lafarge on the inner bomb site forty other guys
uh... it's very important for you guys to what we stand a bit of an elevator
because otherwise the five-to-one are proper go through
the window and onto the site which will flush more
people uh... today suggest you wanna make sure that you are lining or uh... a
little bit about this one are you throw it off facial with the smoke q bcc those goals here people to break the
glass and it's gonna shatter right here so if you have one guy here he's going
to five sd she how long that he is going to faisal it some are easy for us to go up and to
clear the area when everything is five sd and this is basically how we excuse
our part inner strength