Monday, June 24, 2013

cs go guide How to play the inside lane

The inside lane is the safest place to be. Here I explain why with Jamison's help.

three photos show here to tell you what
a play the inside core mix with the gospel of a drain where you always keep
across their on the closest inside corner uh... and by coming up on the
inside you can see that i can get right up on jameson and i can come out now if
i'm on the outside corner here jameson isn't spot me first comics but see
efficiently with this left off likable web browsers position so if you
look died in since a natural part bc now full stomach year go to come out here's a cabal all the way if we can go
up and see me so for following the gospel of a trend school on the move from the inside court reiterate around
here that's really what sorts and wide so that you can angle up and when the
exits alright so let's go to test this theory are real quick jameson uh... life
i asked try and get me you know in common era go slate on the way they know works is really
benefit yourself when i say that you want to be inside corner refried beans
and corn that's closest to the threat so law making the best example inside over
their gorda catwalk james don't shoot me so i can survive joyner-kersee t_v_'s pushing can't come
over here it's like the political supporters during peak autopsy through though it is in a straight years to be speaking out ever so slightly i want to come in on
this insight or disobedience a corner when i get to hear a lot of put my cross
zero mangal light gospel doctrine hughes holiness showed us annual switch around
like that so you don't want to come why it would be out here because i can't get
james in a better chance to get me uh... flemish foot on the inside so
likewise to come up at inside corner server here on the right you don't wanna
run up like this because it is the battering or waking up close and you could try to make the city and of course be as an example
thoroughbred to regedit there so that they inside lane we'll be right here james right i want to come in number comply to
come out somehow here not as good and hot humid and and they come out
dislikes that alright i hope that explains what i mean by inside light
such a combined that using your corner process of always
keeping across from a core unit infinitely better suck for more time summary today on the
inside corner then come out wide for the kill and i hope that helps everybody lakes jameson

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