Monday, June 24, 2013

How to stutter step in CS:Go

Hey guys here's a quick tutorial on how to stutter step. Some people call this the stop shoot, or quick stop. It's all the same thing. I apologize for mRs.Waffles's bird in the back ground, but little guy is so cute I don't have the dark heart required to put him out.

delivered by today and the teacher
instead of staff uh... what happens is when you let go
the button can you moving into occasions electrodes to carrier weight with you
watch that let go of the bottom from across the alley disease idle stocker or i want to to do
that we had a controller motions are hitting the opposite direction ke or
move it sellick that's and i'll let you distraught right when you choose if in your brain
you also issue to the same time graduations majoring status tab now which would be aware of that needs
to be a really quick button press you can see here on the keyboard israel fax rose if you hold it for too long to move the
opposite direction which is not what you want i will look like this see are such a jerk back so cheap really quick prestigious wanna
slam it america a real nice tapping sound and that will let you have better
control so you can moved directions inches to have you come to a stopped mislaid p corners and pick out a strike into thinking you're not moving

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