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How to stutter step in CS:Go

Hey guys here's a quick tutorial on how to stutter step. Some people call this the stop shoot, or quick stop. It's all the same thing. I apologize for mRs.Waffles's bird in the back ground, but little guy is so cute I don't have the dark heart required to put him out.

delivered by today and the teacher
instead of staff uh... what happens is when you let go
the button can you moving into occasions electrodes to carrier weight with you
watch that let go of the bottom from across the alley disease idle stocker or i want to to do
that we had a controller motions are hitting the opposite direction ke or
move it sellick that's and i'll let you distraught right when you choose if in your brain
you also issue to the same time graduations majoring status tab now which would be aware of that needs
to be a really quick button press you can see here on the keyboard israel fax rose if you hold it for too long to move the
opposite direction which is not what you want i will look like this see are such a jerk back so cheap really quick prestigious wanna
slam it america a real nice tapping sound and that will let you have better
control so you can moved directions inches to have you come to a stopped mislaid p corners and pick out a strike into thinking you're not moving

cs go guide How to play the inside lane

The inside lane is the safest place to be. Here I explain why with Jamison's help.

three photos show here to tell you what
a play the inside core mix with the gospel of a drain where you always keep
across their on the closest inside corner uh... and by coming up on the
inside you can see that i can get right up on jameson and i can come out now if
i'm on the outside corner here jameson isn't spot me first comics but see
efficiently with this left off likable web browsers position so if you
look died in since a natural part bc now full stomach year go to come out here's a cabal all the way if we can go
up and see me so for following the gospel of a trend school on the move from the inside court reiterate around
here that's really what sorts and wide so that you can angle up and when the
exits alright so let's go to test this theory are real quick jameson uh... life
i asked try and get me you know in common era go slate on the way they know works is really
benefit yourself when i say that you want to be inside corner refried beans
and corn that's closest to the threat so law making the best example inside over
their gorda catwalk james don't shoot me so i can survive joyner-kersee t_v_'s pushing can't come
over here it's like the political supporters during peak autopsy through though it is in a straight years to be speaking out ever so slightly i want to come in on
this insight or disobedience a corner when i get to hear a lot of put my cross
zero mangal light gospel doctrine hughes holiness showed us annual switch around
like that so you don't want to come why it would be out here because i can't get
james in a better chance to get me uh... flemish foot on the inside so
likewise to come up at inside corner server here on the right you don't wanna
run up like this because it is the battering or waking up close and you could try to make the city and of course be as an example
thoroughbred to regedit there so that they inside lane we'll be right here james right i want to come in number comply to
come out somehow here not as good and hot humid and and they come out
dislikes that alright i hope that explains what i mean by inside light
such a combined that using your corner process of always
keeping across from a core unit infinitely better suck for more time summary today on the
inside corner then come out wide for the kill and i hope that helps everybody lakes jameson

CS:GO Pro Tips adreN Crosshair Placement

adreN going over crosshair placement

them there what's up guys gem and i'm going to go over koster placed
in the video gaming is one of the most inconsistent
factors in csc wanna make sure that everything else are you doing is consistent so that you can still
perform while even if you're a visit top-notch that uh... uh... cuz a lot of players have consistency
problems since insist just because some days it was bad
and some days a miscarriage and that's really what they're relying
on the most sinister rely on a memo seizure lying on higher settings here angles uh... you know how you're playing the
situations your cross their placement and casa place or definitely help you
improve your consistency 'cause it'll help you do less and then
technically so did erin to it i'll show you guys uh... incorrect way to take cashier that a lot of people do and i say the correct way so i'd say a lot of people play the prosecutor like this and say we have
an enemy rate here sore coming around the corner a lot of
people despite a mentally anywhere they think he's going to be so like this tennis pre five your your name is already at the corner so
there's not much adjusting when you get eating are you free five but the correct way to take a pet would be to just take your prosser make
sure it's always that had died an alias it's kind of just attacks the corner of the lawsuit this glued to the corner of the wall here
sick for a rally that's around a lot of law here press has a little bit out yourself to
reaction time made this kinda coming on the wall and the reason why this is better it's because let's say that enemy isn't there so all other times you know sometimes amy is good because
he happens to be there and you do pre firearm but what times of the people in positions
they don't think they're going to be an subsidy of a guy that subvert coming out
kalugin using the styled interior pre-taped say were coming out here help we cm now
have to react so i had that all he's in that position who are mouse an entertainment think
like to know and any movement on your mouse is obviously
going to be inconsistent and not moving your mouse uh... you really want to do move your mouse is lisa now as possible
when a man so here so it just so you're gonna react the way
there because it with your mouse then click in your moving your mouse margaret to get to know and save you the missile passer
placement where you snap to the wall here prestigious fairy steps lol and you can is walk around booby cm
valdez any adjustment mediate east his head
shot areas had to be reading your process and
all you do is click so there's less adjustment less like inauguration time because you're already
on its legal click faster so the salt should definitely helped out being consistent didn't come out in the seljuk sake alag you want to take after you clear out this spot here you want to take that
spot substory on here at say up that's what
schooling it's not now the swine here boom once that's claimed he stab
actually next what do you want to clear source i think this on out that's another spot right there so that
when i like your pre find out one after dump and now you may want to snap
up and it's not that's the only playing lets show n you might not have to do that and you can use to
create an exile let's say along a it emits unfit so you know for sure this
area's flame so so if you're an offer or even a
wrestler you know there is clean so you don't
like snap your cross into the small here do all that stuff you can canada spree
and at that point here in this way about peeking into reacting
as fast as possible like that you know picking out the whereabouts on being
embarrassed player is not intended to decide if it you could possibly anywhere out here some say you know we have a guy out there he's right days
at isabelle we use that kind of premix out yet we're so focused on actually giving too the corner that we want to preempt that were disconnects was itself a lot
more and called herself to hit a flip side do you know do more adjustment id
is needed so we're gonna much is going to come up
here and make the peak and now we have to fight over here sailor make sure if the area of front is clean before use
that kind of in exile if you use the other kind of style where
you can just come around like this you would see him you know like that allot of people use i
kinda image so uh... inexorable walnut do a lot more adjustments as needed that's all you know when you watch the
pros you like a like it that shot ekkada shot is just 'cause they're image the setting themselves up so well and
they're making the shots easy for themselves another time when you can use the
preamble style of cross of placement is when you know the enemy deftly campy and the corners so let's say a word
terraced respond you rush along it account of the dee dee's here it is no
need to like subsidies here and obviously p decline is no way to be
there even like you may have to stop here really you would do that if you cannot lilongwe
because it could be closer but you know that they could only be at
the corner so you could just come out like this and a pre in the corner nasty pizza corner he snaps this fall like amount check date spot you not detected that's why you notice
that back across a huge is never be in the note
where i don't know where floating so that you
know some people might think or on them
between the tape in the corner so i'm halfway between each that's wrong each
of these built one of the two i'd so let me show you another critic
example of how i would take archway with my
prosser placement and you cannot have to know the maps and
know what you need to clear out so you know what to snap your trust
there too so sarah come up our cheer process at this corner and i would prefer that corner and then tossed out my process declare
at cornell summer concert here throughout the caused a and let us not
back here is more likely to people here so i'll come up radio on walking the slow so you can gay grasp on it there's a slight my pre fire vanass now back to the small there's a slight lead free for steinbeck's that's all despite my prefect and then once i get this far archer
plaza snap back tomorrow and a lot of money like this and then when checking our trade c ob gyn jim
angle ceo michael why pizzas not know what why did this so i see more so what should i tried people like this of peeking in adjusting mango like this piece that despite my prefer after that passed now back to moto here and when it when i'm coming up here what did he buy prostate here snapped this angle rather than snapped here because i think
he's more likely pick me up moto then he is speaking here usually if a guy's in library he's
trying to get that information is try to keep you is to use you peak that corner
there so i find it better definitely keep you cross there at headshot level right here thanks for watching guys tell me on
social media twitter is at hopes the facebook dot com slash eric adrenaline and might which t_v_ channel two t_v_ slash adjourned
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