Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: GeT_RiGhT counter strike tips

In this Pro Tip, we hear from NiP's GeT_RiGhT. GeT_RiGhT provides a broad introduction to the 'backup' role in competitive play, and demonstrates how backup players can position themselves to make the biggest impact on a round in de_inferno.

well my name is christopher else and i
go on and in the cannon deprived the federalists pretty much the tax
loopholes besides his trying to take down all elements actually coming
to the site and the backup role which is on the guy
should coming in and trying to flush them or trying to help in which he meets
of safety needs to became more deficit because his village beyond trying to be
the first actually protecting them or getting spot on or yest trying to help them with flashes
so it's a basing i'm gonna show you how to do back
a plane b_-two on this smaller settlement from here for example i am i'm playing you know in
my win ninety minutes prior bigger and he's the usually guys walks and
confident the first corner here and discuss in buying the box here we call
it like fruits in this week if but that's a strict and easily seen here in and on balance
in hearing what you saw on the screen remaining or something like that today
at the carter so basically sound understanding in this
bomb and indian site back in the past easily get flash in from their but
biased on him like but um... moron so saying yes than there yes waiting to like the clock is
actually hitting one for it because the wrong time is twenty five so one thirty or less iced a smoke tom
donahue and then i actually have found out that the smoke is second being for
fifteen seconds or fourteenth i'm not sure except the
winners but then i know that uh... those fifteen
seconds are going to be removed so it's a from
around so i'm not i'm not three warring that they can a rushing because the
smoke is really by park it's not true mostly because privacy office pcm yes
down here in the true too small to see what's going on here after that the smoke so strong he's got thrown out a smoke in the night
basically gonna fall back to spawn era to see if it would flashes and you see if if the south is going to
gonna happen if you since yelling that they're coming beyond this trying on normal flashed on the
declaring and then i attack and uh... himachal into this time stillwater and then the only thing i'm doing if
they're smoking a rough demos all around them that this i was here two rooms and enough to be ready here to be seen
looking if they're coming up and hopefully on over my my team this is
still alive and he's usually on the free boxes here and then i can actually be having a
crossfire sonos coming up and then just trying to help and if
something goes badly in the wrong they're attacking me or be here i'm just trying to figure out
where they are attacking me flag this tomb in a small to fascism ain't i'm
just going to be trying to be kills two speedway which we are calling
here understanding here here pretty much
every needs all around for me if there's a flash in maine actually sounds from me like they're
still won't be possesses some still so x-axis saying that's going to be hitting
the road there but from me feels like this their exploding everywhere so i didn't like action figure out the
c_-one on their monitors so remind moto rokr like seeing on the radar what's
going on if this is someone here along is to get
a new c_n_n_ rental taller something on the monitor on the planet on my screen on the rate of three and know exactly
when it did and i think they for example m_i_t_ was used to paying i receive in
the middle in beginning but then he falls back to the smaller and watching
if someone is coming here and it's used to having you repeat if you see someone
there and sick calling this comma smokes a
song on history here would uh... for my
flashes and i'm going to photo custom the flat is gonna hit here usually there and then they gonna be like surprise
when all assault and there's a flash community of trying to run here in the
west would be to split into spa mera some i'm usually close to a but in the same time toasted
the second help up nineteen at friday here and this dilemma flashes here
exorcist needed and that's pretty much what i do want for example in for a family in backup plan yes then he
respond with a flash a trial more the seniority and whatever one wants to
do work who want to do anything wrong and you
know i go there or if afro throughout the man i hope that but i don't do
anything to specialists in your life that i will stand with flashes or trying to figure out where they're
coming and helping my financing some weights if they need help on a
number of if they help the her career.

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