Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: Fifflaren counter strike tips

In this video, Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson from NiP gives us an overview of how his team goes for picks and executes their inner strat on de_nuke. He also demonstrates useful smoke grenade and flashbang locations on the map.

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mean unassisted foreign on interstate forty million people intervene with the uh... to help out those charcoal or annals of
the uh... on the main sponsor and i think so i tried to uh... play out there is a portable and is busy
trying to give them an insight on the what might happen and you know what the
confirmed through connor refunds as well as helped out so that when it comes to
syntactic sit to decide if web the other thing might be doing their own tempest initially guys following team
m_i_t_ uh... just try to kal topics summer sonograms uh... we always try to have two guys go
outside so once most of which argues is that
right online distill herewith this little box and i just came right over over dis one anniston randolph find all the way the roof understand landline desert right here as you can see it's completely covered so if there's an opera singer uh... he's
going to be told smoked out age and we do not much he's gonna have to rotate
back and and when this happens how you she
tend to go over here someone just gonna stand over here who crossfire spend all
the way to see to spawn just in case there's an opera with him well this is going on we have three people in there in the lobby area of we always have one
person out here that's just basically holding are fine teach us something
waiting for the guys if they decide to push uh... and then we also have two
guys trying to push around i think he's this way for us to pressure
for us to push round would be and most of times usually like to smoke
and stuff but once a small pieces is gone one or the ice is gonna sound
right here and it's gonna throw to fleischman at school and rights basis the so if you have a seat in the
southwest is canada flies if you have a c steve just as he is
going to finest and also from from this area as well so they say we just want
fires will cover most of the area area over here which makes a lot of users for our guys
who announced to clear the area and all in all souls
again just two of them disappear and then we also have affect position now wouldn't goal under
catwalk for example we could also go downstairs and and basically at this point around uh... with this went on to decide
whether to go if we're gonna finish downstairs into the finish and under cap or and so i'm just gonna show you guys how
we take over on the cap rock so basically what we have run we have three guys here is the guy from
lobbyists low it's gonna wrote a backorder have three guys here which is
less than two weeks hello this is happening we have another time all the resources right here with this moved us is that when they
come up from that and a sucky king bed this area's completely smokes if you
have someone standing and then on them on the team and for what he's going to
be tolley smoked it can be covered and our guys can't use the just go up here
with i can shop from from behind and also what did you lose we always
have on god to walk through free salsa lafarge on the inner bomb site forty other guys
uh... it's very important for you guys to what we stand a bit of an elevator
because otherwise the five-to-one are proper go through
the window and onto the site which will flush more
people uh... today suggest you wanna make sure that you are lining or uh... a
little bit about this one are you throw it off facial with the smoke q bcc those goals here people to break the
glass and it's gonna shatter right here so if you have one guy here he's going
to five sd she how long that he is going to faisal it some are easy for us to go up and to
clear the area when everything is five sd and this is basically how we excuse
our part inner strength

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