Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: AZK counter strike tips

In this installment, Team Dynamic's AZK discusses a variety of tactics to employ when using the AWP Sniper Rifle.

not how stuff and i think we have going on a competitive masters was like really
important a lot of people are not sure i think i
think most of the list goes on groups like the design edge that is what
we are going to wait until it hits the stand alone as a mystery imaginations and that's expire obviously is always
accurate that's the way you can get together most
active adrenaline if there was a guy right there and i'm pretty far away from moscow to
them at all levels are going pretty accurate but if i'm not doing this
technique and assuring us that site and the boys are going to look over the
place uh... people don't know when they should
not single score double scopes sister some spots are because it's just a note
of singles in because you can see everything around
the house a lot easier in that you can see flashes
coming over our certainly objects a lot easier gps where people are
feeling the doubles for way too much and basically gives a vision of nothing
around athens like one flashover to train whatever you want to do in this
incoming sandy flew by president was alex hills community just
like everything right perfect offer that was that differently on that some people say that
if you like double scope you basically have a tendency shotguns
that yet the model that you seen this week is
bigger staff writer it really depends on how
you feel like if you think you can get flashed over the wall of somebody should
single school kids uh... if you think you're going to get
keith i guess because snipers in a common-sense challenging then you can
safely land double scope and just wait for him this is really cool to absorb them you can watch a lot of job from consulting fees when there's people that go down the
latter and we have information that usually
vietnamese cannot throw molotov or a smoke at me and the latter shrimp has
completely leg and is able add everything's going ok people dismissed
equate oftentimes not just let me go back matter though usually did on this
letter like really killers the and uh... sometimes i'll just go about making the
million start running right away that's one of the main things that you
don't even get down so he wasn't if you're going to matters
this like a case about it is really helpful to you when i jumped when you're on the latter so you get in
this corner right there and they don't see it doesn't just jump
across in order to see if we you get a smoke and throw it on a train and you believe that you can easily get
out you can get up on this latter filling up you can yes thank you very
much evidence i'm not going to see one of the response
of inside the mistakes are there was a
thumbnail where there's a little bit harder but this is it as it was really
open and you can use the op uh... agreeing that i can go as far back alley
or i didn't have much usually when i wake up all right sir support your from my summary here uh... this section of the songs but it
gives me a special interests but basically says is backing you up for
a few elective play here women for which is fine but you really need to user let us know when you have something to
do this and he decided to end up with me anything he's speaking to you and alot of people really like to keep
the dolphins uh... he treated me like this but i
think it's a good health reform and i a lot of people just like to thank yous because the crotch in his name is pretty
much like to use them so he was like speeding across in uh...
traditionally has been gathered a small hat box than the other usually have across ur and it just level so if you crouch it
usually have pulled across in a little bit down uh... when you keep in touch with the
fast so that's going to be like a split second trip this week's shooting before
you can get you back i think this is not one of the thus far
that you really have to always flash before we can do or something like that i don't
actually is having i i one of my team is safe are
back to you soon all the flash and i'm sitting at close range and as soon as i thank you identified from the from far away so
it's going to have against the factual they laugh about it the and i think those left off last week and that wraps up the harsh again please connected hold its annual and if it does
libros obviously can't meet once was going to back off and i can post opened indonesian b_b_c_
it's an easy job for me is that what has happened if i have a couple of minutes
right behind the natives are getting close and they can start taking control of the
spot and then when they get close peckinpah flash for them again and they get out are usually when a small inside out and
we can you please get out the control of his and we have to elect is withholding to control just this whole area it's
really really easy yet i was absolutely not

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