Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: ruggah counter strike tips

This Pro Tip comes from Casper 'ruggah' Due, of Anexis eSports. Casper gives a broad overview of the support role in de_inferno from both sides of the map, with a focus on some clever smokes, flashes, and even a molotov to help your team attack (or defend) each bombsite.

the lenin's casper i'm twenty four years old allied play
coach ago for team in texas i play the merits of fifty those in the in the team but i've always
been the folklore is mainly because i'm not the the
biggest mef writer i'm sure a lot of people i'd take my kills every once in
awhile but i'm not the one making the rams
change in our favor under technical mind and i tried to held my teammates when
the rounds and make them good you can i'm going to talk about being a
support player on federal one of the things you can do as a
terrorist support player as to help you it
teammates achieve this area you can do it with a flash bang you'll flesh here which means twenty flash if there's a opponent waiting for the guy who kidnaps if
you'll be flashed and then do you can have your teammate
jumped on the wagon command jumped onto the balcony after he preheat the checks this room
buchanan's please go down and take control of the more stuffs if you control it you would pressure
become a terrorist to plague defensive this is a huge atlantis for the
terrorist knowing that their opponents are playing defensively if you control all of this you can do
with the things that you can't you can split to what's the small onsite
foosball you can smoke this ariel and then you can split today side again from small pet a good smoke for the taking control of arch would
beat standing here and second metal just coats the shadow of uh... won't
great and the name for the becaue further the corner at uh... trips when woodland inside uh... and fed up introduction the cigar smoke when you have to split
but uh... for a small bit because if your
insides form holding the spot from here you'll be
you'll be pressure to rotate to library and if your own if you're as terrorists know that your opponent s to rotate to
average they can be waiting for him even without all playing defensively or they can go back recently and try to
pick them off you can also just to a close middle searching mates concludes aquat without
being seen enough to put a smile refused so it
covers the whole part of middle this is the way you can control the a
bonsai you can also as a full plate rotate
traps way confer a smoke in the in the at the
in the staffs so that that's the the cities at the site and see if anyone's
himself if you will look at one of smoke at all from second little without being killed
twelve doing it a good thing could be to list you have to take this roof made it touched you know the roof at the top of the other roof and when you do it you just aim your thumb if you lift hand will have to
move into touch there the white powder affair and generator
and then the will pop on the balcony effects as a simple player is not important efficient all the people you see is it's normally enough just to take the
focus free teammates to do something else while while you're doing something assisi numeral will be either as simple but loose it would be things falling slash farce a dismal bomb south with questions you can instead even staying inside inside the rains and flash for teammate and they will pop on top here which means everyone rotating into the
bebe on site will be flashed not for very long but it will stop them and local pub right here which means if you wouldn't if you just into the side you'll be flats because
we've learned how to swim it and at the pups until the fitness or you can stand all the way down in
spawned just waiting for the fleischman thirteen maart position you can have had the sieges
that will be playing the smoke it slash squad the normal the beginning of france you
have to watch out for the chris oppression we could mean but you can just wait here stand on the roof
of the flesh bang volume made in march will be spotting and if you see
something you can flash minister for and you can tell you killed instantly if you pull back you'll have to play rich marcos'
ballplayer you'd you can't just an taking all the deals against some uh... some of the best they
merced if you know your integrity and we have to position himself correctly miss williams if you have made in if you had and city
medan pick that do it have to put into something like this standing here with west bank if you do
not think you can flash keep the mccue do components away anne and they start just pushed you can
fleischer pia for each image if you've prisons for instance a flash
flood plaza need help venue for a for soviet and use the fortitude that so you
supported the rule the support of the side will be with crime in the first
place always always trying to help out all the places
possible and also showed emotion you go beyond the word you crouch painful and and you can't one two three and you make sure that your aren't aiming on the top of
the fence with the middle of the pressure the top of the cross should be should
divided half when you first and going up and it will explode and then if your here at the boxes you'll be here at the home also if you're here behind this one you'll
also be heard which means if i was if i was standing here and the most of catron their i will have to be to instant
rotator here because if you stand on some of the mold
so while the pressures having you'll
instantly die from mls of or you'll be killed with ten hpr something series is pressuring them to rotate while playing the defense of site basically support player at infernal
will be keeping it in most of its frontiers to when the road.

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