Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: TM counter strike tips

this week's Pro Tip comes from Zach "TM" Miller, of Hold Mouse One. TM gives us an overview of the bomb-carrier's role, as well as strategies for attacking a site and holding it after a plant.

the but it is acting a little bit play for are all moslems my position would be a country fair and or a volunteer high tentative also
maps that i did go on for some sunglasses is the pins what our strategy
is going into it and the team we're going today on the scene of community going
over how to properly bonds position yourself to voter turnout in situations the pressure of having to for up to be
split on this map would be a freak out and waiting to be battles when i don't
usually do with the bombs situation as i wait for college on employers patterns possible waiting
for my team to unit a four you know just attacked what they are so
speak i think uh... what the among does is he comes amid all of us if you'll
smoke he was called to double doors and or on
the sparks on xbox and once that happens the juvenile
fairly marginal feis out in so cal cities font and they pushed out of the and what i do
with them on is after he among helps to smoke and
fire she comes back into because money and i'd smoke and flesh into this be
bomb site understood and i usually did not push up until you know
misinformation and when you have the bomb a big thing that you want to be
cautious uh... is not ready all by herself because if you die with the bomb
vendor team is more likely than others around so after they push out little they flashed into being reflections of
the we make our way into the bomb site the main sparked a border plan b would be right under the decide below window to the right of when the russians a and i will not ever play that until i
know then double doors for window fully covered because i want to be in
the middle of a bomb poet and somebody running on these because
that takes visibility and it is way too much time to pull your gun and more likely that person or run and shoot you can fall back but if your team is getting pressure
from double doors a lot and you have with the security of very
good spot of quiet with the eighth directly below when does the left and you would play here and it's very different image across
from the spots and watch the push in the window why you're planning then that way after you plant and
everything is going to fight you can fall back so where your team is perfect cover up people's off the bomb plant on either
side another very good spot to watch the bomb if is planning on the right side will be
assigned priyanka this box because this person is not being wheeled for and you can see
people speaking the box is outside of the double doors or running in through
smoke and it's a very easy in the residual or people trying to get
a picture window arrests diminished we're here and what we do is the first three good sponds the rush long and slay
flashover and they were trying to take control
this they will push out and we forward me n
another player usually ian martin to come and get all and what we do is when i had the bomb
twenty-five smoke middle-class hope the double doors off the start and that i watch over a while he walks of cap so i'm pushing for him to run up at
least question for me not to get pushed after i thought for him he pushes up he has a kill you getting killed and he
does not getting killed i'll be right behind them to think of
those who kills or three if they're going to be there people along star flashing and smoking
in saying so we won't be counting intake by hopper insight or egg pews which will
be right next to the east side on top of the platform and what they will do is they will still
be elevator or this opening right here from floor seats eating etc and after that it's moving flash we push
in i'm always second unless i know there's people russian
behind a but i will run in and the most common plan spot would be ready here
planning for a long if you have control of longing and cat playing right here is the best situation
because you can play long hair on the long a platform you
belong to a platform properly and watch this even planted and watch this and
entrance fees and you can also if you are requested
relationship you can control this whole area by walking and tried out some of your
point opponent tried to defuse the bomb another comment very well used plan spot if do you do not have control
of long and you know they're pushing behind his desk at you cannot control cat it is still left in this box closest
accuse and you play it right here the spot is kind of difficult to defend
and less you're playing here on the radio and you know there's nobody coming along
in their only coming cap the best the best way to play this would be not
teaching this this is the most recent had charges the team you're playing is
good with a player playing against a very good so we want to do is you want to play the
single you wanna watch lower and if you know is coming pat we want to do the same thing another
course information is unlikely the sound unit again and
played a single of walking around and making sure that he
cannot job over this and that he's going to the
following all times so that way hired by may can run out of time on the
fuse all and i think that if you can at any moment fan discourage spartan but we never planned with we never play
i never plan that was being right behind the main double stack boxes
in the site your complaint right here but the thing is you can easily get
flight from cap and you can get shot from only a
platform and that is not a very responsible and
he's he's the only first

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