Friday, June 21, 2013

CS:GO Pro Tip Series: sapphiRe counter strike tips

Today's Pro Tip comes from Heather "sapphire" Mumm, who is competing at the Women's CS:GO tournament this week with team Ubinited.

Heather contributes a deep understanding of CS:GO to her team, and in the video below she shares that wisdom with the Counter-Strike community. Watch the video below to hear her thoughts about early game economy, and how to recover if your team falls behind in the first rounds.

mainly is heather mama my player name is
set for so i'm gonna talk about this time around same rounds nicole
brown's and why and when she buys second weapons certain armor hand grenades when you're testifying this time around
i'd suggest that at least for players and eighty it should have archers your opponents are not happy to
thousands or details on that kind of terrorist team so having armored and help keep you
alive for longer hammer and suggest at least one player should have been aids
it's gonna help uh... well you have more versatile straps a bid that need to have is a smoker nate
um... you can't smoke down in the seattle area here and this is going to
help protect you from san diego is waiting on the other side your you'll be
able to get out the catwalk quickly uh... if you have this of flash can help
you can enter into the site is really important for one player to at least
empty grenades to allow you to have more strata options and the rest of you seem
to have armor and that's going to go out for a long
time as a commentary on your pistol around
you're gonna deal with a a few things different than you would uh... these
terrorist acts d_d_t_ followed on from paris which is
the clock isn't going to kill you in one shot uh... therefore you really don't need
iron is more important to have a great for example if you had long eight here a quick maintenance used this following
and gonna stop for a chance can allow you to investors and rotate or if your if the terrorists are rushing
out the catalogue here flashes godfather and out of town lower it's units from all over the phone sex
but it has also break advocate because that's the browns can come down
to is really close one b one situations they're not gonna have much time to
defuse it's very important to advocate both counter-terrorist and terrorist
incarcerate all of the fifty one for us in older versions of kind of strength only is it a restaurant owned by the
funds it's actually attendees and got a lot of
people make fun of it uh... all of you know someone bundle managers must endure on reception at
that time the nice thing about it it seems incredibly rapidly compared to a deed on which you can't
family this so that's a great for russia's silently and your comments resting and
he's got a lot of them you can actually do some decent damage you're not going to get the head shots
like you do it that we going to one-shot kilts similar to this you are able to stand here and he has to
do significant damage dx if you realize that the first round easy going beyond brownfield and you're not going to have a lot of
money because he didn't win that round sola a lot of times discontinued either
save completely unjust essentially for for the rally seeking the money in the
next round or he can buy details the needles pistols anything credibly
accurate as essentially lacy the author of pistols you'll get a got a
lot of one shackles of this state if your team is on side really suggest that done it's it's
only eight hundred dollars it's enough that you're not wasting your
money but he's still have a legitimate chance of winning that eyes how they can't figure if you went
around it's also great to buy is the main seven th kind of a a one-shot want kill you're going to want to be close up to
the players who cannot bring a long-range it it shoots multiple bullets
at a time as you can see here seeing a lot of places in close quarters maybe can get it was finally fierce
opponent do you really don't want make these long range shots because it's not
going to be happy if you can see the the bonds are coming down here you can
either ending higher another second round done that's that's
really great to buy is d for mass it's very similar to the calill uh... it has a different aspect though
in that it has been for the first fire automatic mode semi-automatic minus is going to be
great for close range combat uh... well the first fired really good for a long range it's can
allow you to be a little more accurate automatic it's great for sam therapeutic if your pollens rushing
activist five men coming your way offensive hispanics hometown to control the required esther the second round even if you lost
the first three rounds terrorists are going to start buying chicas a lot of
college fairs aren't going to buy guns yet that's because then i think what
thereafter after these are gonna stick with their mosses or let herself so i a case gives you a little jim it
shot at winning around is essentially headshot machine it's it's also that'd
be great chance of a one-shot landfill it's a lot more accurate than bennett
any of the essentially such a great third round flatness it's also very
button for the rest of the the match essentially blessing also trust eat the economy system is when you're
getting into omg on grounds which is usually around
three and beyond wing both teams have a weapon d op is a fantastic time is it's
incredibly accurate and it's great for a long range combat
it has a signals called and they don't start however when you do get a killer
that it's only fifty dollars per film and it's also one of the most expensive
don saying that i want to have many of you got a lot one or two you pretty nice yet a done deal should have will be uh... other counter-terrorist
senior guy wants vis and four which it's going to be
slightly more money port for kayla three hundred dollars compared to fifty with the off but it's not as great for
long-range combat however it's fantastic or stopping crashes so if you find rushing to be bombs are
here to industries lover spray them down where you can also view it happened so by tapping you're gonna be a little
more accurate than you could spend taken control of everythi

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