Friday, February 22, 2008

CAL Beginner's Guide

Please beware that this guide was created back in 2005 and some things may be out of date. This guide does not = the rules so please make sure you read the rules carefully and take this guide as a guideline only.


I have been in CAL for quite some time and over the years I have noticed that no matter how well the information is presented some people still do not find the information needed. Therefore I decided to create one guide that should cover all/most of the questions that a new user would ask. Going from registering on the CAL site through how to setup your IRC client and much more. I believe that when all the information is gathered in one guide, some users may finally find a place for all/most of their answers. If you have any suggestions or you would like to add something to this guide, please go ahead and e-mail me.

The guide was designed in a specific order, which you should follow if you're a new user and want to setup your team for the next season.


Table of contents:

1.00 CAL website and Forums
-1.10 CAL Site Map
-1.20 Registration/Login
-1.30 Creating/Joining a Team/Division
-1.40 Managing your team
-1.50 Disputes
-1.60 CAL Forums

2.00 IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
-2.10 What is it/Where to get it?
-2.20 How does it work?
-2.30 Gamesurge
-2.40 Creating an account on Gamesurge
-2.50 Creating a channel for your team
-2.60 Important channels
-2.70 How to get the most from IRC as a gamer

3.00 Gaming Server
-3.10 What to look for when getting a server?
-3.20 A list of server providers
-3.30 How to setup your server?
-3.40 Server configs
-3.50 How to use your server/RCON commands

4.00. Tools
-4.10 Server tools
-4.20 Game tools

5.00 Setting up your game
-5.10 Config
-5.20 Video settings

6.00 Match time
-6.10 Before match
-6.20 During match
-6.30 After match

7.00 Gaming Coverage/News
-7.10 Amped
-7.20 Gotfrag
-7.30 SourceCenter
-7.40 CPL
-7.50 Other

8.00 FAQ


1.00 CAL website and Forums

1.10 CAL site Map

Here we can see the CAL website, the important areas for a new user have been circled in red. Click on the Register link to register a new account on the CAL site.

1.20 Registration

Fill out the registration form accordingly. The username you choose will be used later to login to the site. Provide a valid e-mail address as your password will be sent to you via e-mail. Also make sure you provide your real birthday incase you lose or forget your password. In the case of a password loss CAL's lost password recovery system uses your Username and Birthday to retrieve your password and sends it to your e-mail. After you fill it out press Register and you should get this screen:

Here it says that an e-mail has been sent to the e-mail you have provided in the registration form. When you go check your e-mails you should get an e-mail that will look like this:

This e-mail will contain your random password, which you will be able to change after you login to the website. Logging in...

Simply enter your username and password that you received in the e-mail and click Login.

After you login your screen should look like this. Browse around to see what options it gives you. First thing you should do is click on CHANGE PASSWORD and enter a password that will be easier to remember than the random password assigned to you. After you do that, click on REMEMBER MY USERNAME/PASSWORD, this will log you in automatically every time you visit the site and save you the trouble of typing in your username and password every time.

The other options give you the opportunity to change information about yourself such as address, e-mail etc.

The MANAGE UNIQUE IDS option will only work when you join a team. If you are not on a team it will say: "You currently are not on any teams."

1.30 Creating/Joining a Team/Division

First, select the division/game you want to join from the drop down menu. Then click on the Join Division Button. We will take the Counter-Strike:Source division as an example.

If rosters are closed you will get this message: "Rosters are currently closed for this division."

If the season registration is open or rosters are open you will get this screen:

Very simple here, create a new team or join an existing one.

How to fnd your SteamID:

If you do not know how to find out your STEAMID(Unique Game ID) do this: Start your game, join a server, then go into your console and type STATUS. Locate your handle (nickname) and look to the side of it and you will find your STEAMID. Refer to the screenshot above.

Creating A New Team:

After selecting create new team and entering your SteamId you will get the screen above. Now just fill in the blanks accordingly. Make sure you put in the right team name as you will not be able to edit it yourself later. (Changing a team's name requires admin's assistance) Now select which conference your team would like to play in (Atlantic, Central, Pacific).

To participate in CAL you will be required to register an IRC channel. If you need help for that please consult section 2.00 of this guide.

Joining an exisiting team:

If you are joining an existing team, chose your team from the menu, enter the password that your leader/manager has supplied you with and do not forget to enter your SteamID/GameID correctly (without the STEAM_)
1.40 Managing your team

I suggest you browse through the whole menu on the right side of the page. But to manage your team, click the MANAGE TEAM button and proceed to the next screenshot below.

Here you can change your team's information as well as delete members of the team.

1.50 Disputes

Let's take a closer look at disputes. You have two kind of disputes in CAL; a general dispute and a cheating dispute. I suggest you read the rules on disputes, which can be found here: click here.

Here are preferred templates for filing disputes. When you dispute through the website's dispute system, you can skip the steps labeled 1 to 4. However when you e-mail an admin, you should always include the information from steps 1 to 4 in that exact format, as admins cannot guess from which team you are.


General dispute:

1. Subject: Dispute Versus Team name 1 (plaintiff) and Team name 2 (defendant)

2. Week #: (which week did it occur in)

3. Team name 1 (plaintiff): CAL page link
4. Team name 2 (defendant): CAL page link

5. Body: Explanation of the situation chronologically.

6. Arguments: (post ALL your proof here)

Support by proof

Fact2 (if applicable)
Support by proof

7. Things that you think should be done: (what do you think the outcome should be and why)


8. Contact info: (Provide as many ways to contact you as possible)

irc channel
any other

9. List of attachments: (List all the files you have included)



Cheating dispute:

1. Subject: Dispute Versus Team name 1 (plaintiff) and Team name 2 (defendant)

2. Week #: (which week did it occur in)

3. Team name 1 (plaintiff): CAL page link
4. Team name 2 (defendant): CAL page link

5. Type of suspected cheat: (wall hack, aimbot, anti-flash, no smoke, etc...)

6. 1st Half: (your team was CT or T)

Round 1: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)
Round 2: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)
Round [...]:
Round 15: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)

7. 2nd Half: (your team was CT or T)

Round 1: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)
Round 2: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)
Round [...]:
Round 15: (explain here what you think the player in question did, that was suspicious)

8. Overtime 1: (same for Overtime if applicable)

9. Comments: (any other comments that could help the admins)

10. List of attachments: (List all files that you included)


Valid reasons to submit a General dispute:

-Opponent broke the rules
-Unsportsmanlike conduct
-Server issues (before you go Live on three)
-False match reports
-False forfeit reports
-Illegal plants/defusings/boosts
- [...]

Valid reasons to submit a Cheating dispute:

-You should only dispute when you really think a specific player on the other team was cheating. Teams that dispute just in hopes to get the match overturned for missing demos/screenshots will be punished.

1.60 CAL Forums

The CAL forums can be found here: Forums

There is a forum for each game and division that CAL has to offer, I strongly recommend you sign up on the forums as a lot of useful information can be found on there; announcements, news, recruitment threads, make up matches, name change threads and more.

To register, click on the underlined text that says register, after you complete your registration, you will be able to login by entering your username and password to the boxes located on the upper right hand corner. Also put a check in the "Remember me" box, this way you won't have to enter your username & password every time you visit the forums.

Read all the forums rules, check the box that states that you read them and proceed to the next step by clicking on the register button.

Enter all the information needed in the corresponding blanks. Your forum account will be directly linked to your CAL website account, therefore fill in the required information as requested. If you do not you will not be able to register a forum account. CAL allows only one account per person.

After you complete this form and supply it, the system will send an e-mail that looks like the one below.

This is the last step to register your forum account, simply click the link circled in red and your good to go.

Now return to the forums page, login and enjoy.

2.00 IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

2.10 What is it/Where to get it/Purpose in CAL

What is IRC?

IRC, short for Internet Chat Relay, it is a massive network of text-based chat channels and users from all around the world.

If you would like to find out more, click here.

Where to get it?

Purpose of IRC in CAL

As users from around the world can connect to one big network, this program is of much help to CAL as it can connect all of it's members. On IRC you will be able to find a lot of helpful channels and also contact your opponent's to schedule matches etc. IRC is what brings the e-sports community closer.

2.20 How does it work?

I could write my own guide on how to use it, but the guys at have already done it, so I'll simply link you to their starter guides.

How to Install IRC (with screenshots).

IRC intro

2.30 Gamesurge

Now that you have installed IRC and you know how it works, you need to know which network to connect to. This is where Gamesurge comes into play. Gamesurge is a gaming community built around an IRC network where all gamers interact.

To connect to gamesurge you will need to set up your IRC like in this screenshot. For the rest, please follow the IRC and Gamesurge guides provided in the 2.20 and 2.40 steps.

To participate in CAL, your team is required to have a registered channel on the Gamesurge network. To be able to create a registered channel, you will need to create a user account on

2.40 Creating an account on Gamesurge/New user guide

The guys at Gamesurge have created a great guide for beginners, if you are new to IRC I strongly recommend reading it.

New user Guide

Masking your IP (I suggest you add this command to your perform /mode $me +x )

If you already know how things work, create your account here:

Create account

2.50 Creating a channel for your team

After you setup your IRC and create your Gamesurge account you are now ready to register a channel for your team. I guess that by now you know a little bit how IRC works, therefore start it up and make sure you are authed ( This means you have this command "/authserv AUTH " in your perform). When you are connected to the Gamesurge network, join this channel: #registration (You can join a channel by typing "/join #channelnamehere" in any IRC window.

Once there, someone will take care of you and register you a channel for your team. My suggestions when you register a channel is to keep it simple. For example if your team name is "The Evil Badgers" your clan tag would probably look something like this: "teb | name". In this case I would suggest you try and register one of those channels for your team: #teb #team-teb #clan-teb #tebteam etc. do not try and be original here by making your channel name #-=t3h.EviL.B4dGers=-. As I said, try and keep it simple.

You will also want to register a private channel for your team, so you and your gang can have private conversations. When you register your team channel ask the Gamesurge staff member helping you to register you a private channel as well. Again make this simple, example: #teb-private or #teb-priv.

2.60 Important Channels

Now that you are all set up, the good thing to know is where you can get direct help from CAL admins or Gamesurge staff or where you can get a scrim for the game you play.

Gamesurge channels:


CAL channels:


Scrim channels:


Other usefull channels:


2.70 How to get the most from IRC as a gamer

Scheduling matches:

Through IRC you can easily contact your opponent's and schedule match times. When your match is scheduled on the CAL site, click your opponent's name and get to their CAL page. You will then see their IRC channel name (Circled in red on the screenshot). Join their channel and talk to their leader/scheduler to schedule your match. If neither of them are online, e-mail them. Also make sure you use the CAL PM system when scheduling. You may agree on a time in IRC but make sure you confirm it through the CAL PM system. Long story short, PM (Private Message) your IRC conversation to the other team's leader/scheduler. To PM someone, login o the CAL website, go to their team's CAL page and then click the PM icon by their name.

Finding scrims:

To find a scrim (practice game) simply join any of the before mentioned scrim channels, #findscrim for example and post your line or look for one. Post your line? Yes! Here is how it's done:

After you have joined a scrim channel, you will be either looking to find a scrim or proposing one to others or in most cases doing both. To do this, you will need to post your scrim line. There are various ways to do that but the most common is as follows:

Number of players|| Which conference? || Who's server? || Which map? || What level of play? || Way to contact you || Extra
More precisely:

Number of players: This depends of the game you are playing, some games play 5 versus 5, some play 8 versus 8. But sometimes people offer 2 versus 2 scrims or 3 versus 3 and so on...

Which conference?: Simple, East, Central or West? If your team is located in the East it is in your advantage to play Eastern teams as your connection to your East server (for example) will be fair. East teams can also play Central teams without too much ping trouble. However an East team playing a West team is not recommended, but it can always be done.

Whose Server?: If you have a server you may advertise, OURS, if you do not have a server you will say YOURS, if you have one but do not mind where your playing, you may advertise OURS/YOURS.

Which map?: Once again, this depends of the game you play, but for Counter-Strike: Source for example it would be de_mapname. (de_dust2, de_aztec, de_inferno and so on...)

What level of play?: Here you will state what kind of caliber teams you wish to play. Examples: Cal-o, Cal-im, Cal-m, Cal-p, Cal-i etc.

Way to contact you?: Just say "Pm me". The person will then private message you through IRC and ask you if you want to scrim with his team.

Extra: Some teams add extra info here, like No pugs, Have 5 ready etc.

Examples of scrim lines:

5 vs 5 || EAST || Yours || de_dust2 || cal-o || pm me

3 vs 3 | West | Y/ours | de_aztec | cal-m/i | pm me

5 vs 5 - East/Central - Ours - de_cpl_mill - cal-im - pm me - NO PUGS/Be good.

When you pm someone or someone pm's you to scrim, exchange your server information (ip/password) and then pass the information to your team and join the server.

Recruiting Players:

IRC is a good place to form a team ot simply recruit some players to your current team. you cna join #findclan or #findrecruit and offer tryouts to players that advertize their resumé there.

You can also recruit players on the CAL forums. There is a thread dedicated to this in every game's forum division. The thread is a sticky and should be located at the top, take a look at this screenshot as an example.


A ringer is someone who will play for another team as their 5th player for example. If you need a ringer for your team, you can find one in these channels: #findringer #sourceringer

If you are looking in #findringer, make sure you specify what game you want the ringer for.

Also, you can ring yourself when your team is not playing. Ringing for other teams can make you learn some new things and improve your game, especially when you happen to ring for the good teams.

3.00 Gaming Server

3.10 What to look for when getting a server

Depending on what game you will be playing, different things are to be looked at when getting a server. But in general you should look into those things:

-Ping -Frames Per Second (FPS)(Half-Life1 engine games)
-Tick rate (Half-Life 2 engine games)
-Quality of Service
-Bonus features that come with the purchase eg: Ventrilo server, web space, etc.

3.20 List of gaming server providers

This is a list of known gaming server providers; some of them may be good, some average or poor. Inform yourself about a given company's performance on the CAL Forums before you make a purchase.


3.30 How to setup your server?

Usually the server company should help you setup the basics. However here are some tips on what to do and what not to do.

First of all you will need a private server. I do not recommend getting a public server and turning it into a private server for matches/scrims because this creates too much of a hassle.

How many slots should I get? Well it always depends of what you want, but I recommend the following: If your game is played 5 versus 5 for example, then get a 10 man server or 12 at most. You won't need more.

Second, there should be NO plugins at all on the server. No admin mod, mani plugin, or any other kind of plugins etc. You should operate your server with RCON commands only. Plugins are not allowed on CAL match servers, therefore if you do have plugins on your server, you will not be able to use your server unless you disable all your plugins on it. So to save yourself a lot of trouble, simply do not install any and use RCON which will be explained a little bit later.*

To setup your server more in depth you will need to edit some files located on the server. We will refer to these files as configs or more commonly known as cfg's. To acces these configs you will need to login to your server through FTP or by a web tool provided by your Gaming Server Provider. In both situations, your GSP should assist you and help you setting up your server. Here is my quick guide on how to log on to your server to set it up.

All you will need is your brain and Internet Explorer. Simply open Internet Explorer and then do what I did in the following screenshot:

Complete all 6 steps and proceed to the next screenshot. If you do not know the FTP address, login or password to your server, please go ask your GSP about it. If your GSP doesn't provide FTP access, then you will have to use their web based tool, which is kind of neat and user friendly.

When you log on, you will enter the FTP's ROOT folder, in there you should see a folder that has the name of the game you play. Click on it to open it. If you do not find a folder that is named after your game and you feel lost, stop here and go ask your GSP for further help. Do not try things on your own if you do not what you are doing, you may mess up the server and make it unusable.

Just click on this folder to continue, you are getting closer to accessing the server's configs.

Here you have a lot of options, however what gets our attention is the "CFG" folder. Open it to continue.

We are finally here. The main file you want to edit here is "SERVER.CFG". To edit it, download it onto your computer by drag and dropping it somewhere on your desktop or simply right click the file and save as. Then edit the file to your liking and re-upload it back. An easy way to do this is to simply right click and copy the file and then to right click in the FTP's CFG folder and to paste the file there. It should aks you if you want to overwrite the current server.cfg file, you should answer yes and your set.

As you can see the CAL.cfg and the LO3.cfg files are located here along with other custom configs some teams put there.

* Some CAL divisions require you to have a CAL made/approved plugin installed; therefore you will need to have this one installed in order to play matches. Example: The Counter-Strike: Source division needs the CSP plugin to be installed.

3.40 Server configs
When you login to your server through FTP or through the GSP website, you will notice that the server has a SERVER.CFG file. This is the main server configuration file. You can edit a few things in there to your liking, for example, the RCON password, the server password, the server's name and a multitude of other variables.

My suggestion would be to make the server password (this is the one which users will use to connect to your server) as easy as possible. For example if your team name is The Extreme Badgers, you could make the password "teb" or simply "scrim". No need to go crazy on the password, no one will try and guess it to steal your server.

Now the GSP may of uploaded the CAL config and the LO3 config for you, incase they didn't, I suggest you do so.

What is a CAL/LO3 config and where can I get them?

For the CAL config you will have to go to the CAL website, choose the division you are playing in and on the right hand side menu you will notice a button saying "server config". Consult the next screenshot for more info.

In some divisions your life will be made easier and you will be able to get the CAL.cfg directly in the FILES section. It will be a downloadable file.

When you click the "Server config" button you will find on the next page a lot of text, you will need to copy and paste this text into a .txt file. To do this, simply right click on your desktop and go to NEW and then select TEXT DOCUMENT. After you have done this, a new file will appear on your desktop with the name "New Text Document.txt". What you need to do now is to rename this file cal.cfg and then open it and paste all the txt you copied before from the CAL website. You just made yourself the CAL server config file.

Now you will need to upload it to your server, ask your GSP if you need help.

Now for the LO3 config, which stands short for Live On Three config. If you do not already know what LO3 is, I suggest you read the rules. But here is a short definition; before a match starts there needs to be three restarts before the game goes LIVE, therefore the LIVE ON THREE (lo3).

A lo3 config will usually execute the CAL config and then live the game after three restarts.

You can download a lo3 config here:

CS: Source CAL config pack with lo3 configs.

3.50 How to use your server/RCON commands

To use your server you will need to know the RCON commands. What are RCON commands and where do I input them? RCON is short for Remote CONsole, by inputting commands to the game console you will be able to control the server eg: restart the round, change maps and so on.

It will be hard to post here all the commands, as every game has it's differences although most of the commands are similar. I suggest you google your game RCON commands. However here are the most common ones:

Enter them without the "quotes"

rcon_password "your password" (You will need to login with your RCON password first to use the rest of the commands.)
rcon mp_restartround 1 (Restarts the round in CSS)
rcon sv_restartround 1 (Restarts the round in CS 1.6)
rcon exec cal.cfg (Executes the CAL config)
rcon exec lo3.cfg (Executes the LO3 config)
rcon sv_password "password here" (Sets the server password)

Here is a guide on how to use RCON, it's outdated, but it still shows the general idea.

4.00. Tools

4.10 Server Tools

The most popular server tool must be HLSW. This program provides you with a lot of options to manage your servers.

Here is a link to download it:

Download HLSW

4.20 Game Tools

There are various utilities that will be able to tweak your game/computer to make it perform better. Here is a list of some and download links:


This program will let you communicate with your team in and out of the game. Most of the teams playing in CAL use this tool. When you go to the download page, you will need to download the latest CLIENT version. **Your team will need a ventrilo server in order to be able to make use of this tool** (Usually GSP offer ventrilo servers with their game servers)


RefreshForce universally and permanently fixes the Windows 2000/XP refresh rate problem on ANY variation of graphics cards, monitors, or drivers!!! No messing around, no hassle, it WORKS and it's SIMPLE! It also gives you the ability to actually lower refresh rates as well as increase them.

Mouse Fix or Remove Mouse Fix
The CPL Mouse Fix allows Windows XP users to counter-act the effects if locked mouse acceleration in Windows XP. This registry file is designed to fix only the problem associated with Windows XP. Use on operating systems other than Windows XP is at the sole risk of the user. If you mess up, use the remove mouse fix utility.


Demo viewing utility for Counter-Strike. With this tool you can remove the scoreboard in CS 1.6 demos. This is usually used when making movies.


Control your HLTV through this program.

5.00 Setting up your game

5.10 Config

First of all let's set something straight. There is no such thing as a perfect config. There are no perfect values for each command. There is not a perfect mouse sensitivity. There is not a perfect resolution. I could go on but I think we all get the point.

What I'm trying to say is that everything depends of the user. Some people will be extremely comfortable with having sensitivity set at 8 while others need it at 1.2. It depends onwhat kind of mouse/mouse pad you have, what is your windows sensitivity set at and many other factors. And this applies to pretty much all your settings, but let's see some of them closely.


I covered most of it above but I'll add some more. Try playing on a few different sensitivities; see which one will work better for you. Give it time, you won't be hitting your shots as soon as you change it, you have to get used to it first. I say no matter what sensitivity you will use; your performance will depend only of how much you practice with that sensitivity. I started with my sensitivity set at 10.0. Yes it's pretty high, but I felt fine with it, I was able to turn fast etc. After a while I tried lower, and went to 8, 6, then 4 and now I use 3.0 which is the default sensitivity in CS: S and CS 1.6. So play around and see what works for you.


Depending which game you play there are various configs available. Some of them will make you register your shots better, some of them will make you ping better, some of them will lower the graphics so your PC can give you decent frames per second. And some configs will do all that.

Here are some configs for various games:

Counter-Strike: Source Casey's Config + Tweak Guide

5.20 Video settings


In my opinion, this first depends of how good your computer is. No point in setting it on high if your PC cannot handle it. Now, the higher you set your resolution the more pixels there will be in each image shown on your screen, therefore more details. Once again you will have to find what works best for you and your PC.

The rest of the settings also depend on your PC, if your PC is godly then you have the choice of either setting it all to high and enjoying the nice graphics (depends what game you play) or you can set your graphics to low to get extreme performance.

If your PC sucks, then set it to low and start saving for a new machine.

6.00 Match Time

6.10 Before Match

Before your match, you should have contacted the scheduler of your opponent's team to schedule your match. You can check who it is on the other team's CAL page. If you are logged in, you will be able to PM him through the CAL PM System, you should, as it is required to be done when scheduling a match. You can also contact him through IRC, join your opponent's channel and PM the scheduler/leader or anyone present there. If there is no one in their IRC channel, contact them through the PM system, e-mail and also advise your division admin about it.

When you schedule, agree on a time on the default day. If you cannot play on the default day, ask an admin if you can play it on another date if the other team agrees. When you schedule, you will get or give the IP and password for the server you will be using for the match. While you are scheduling you should also ask or you will be asked if it's ok to use ScoreBot and HLTV/SRCtv or any other similar broadcast feature. Those can only be used if both teams agree on them. All of this information should be exchanged at least 24 hours before the match time.

On the match day, make sure you have at least the required roster + 1 player as a sub around. Therefore if someone has an emergency or someone has Internet connection problems etc, you will have a player to replace them. Before the match starts, open your opponent's CAL page so you have it ready when the time to check STEAMID's/GAME ID's will come. Or have your sub player do that so you can read them to him and he will confirm that they are or aren't on the roster.

Around 15 minutes prior to match, contact the other team once again, confirm the server IP and password, be sure you are all set.

Proceed connecting to server 5-10 minutes before your match; be on time, it sucks when you have to wait for the other team.

6.20 Match time

So you are now in server and your opponent's team is also all there. First thing you should do is check their STEAMID's /GAME ID's. If all that is correct, proceed to the next step which usually is taking screenshots in the middle of the map. But as all divisions are different, consult your division rules to make sure what exactly do you have to do.

In most cases, you will be required to do things in the following order:

1. Get both teams in server
2. Check steamid's/game id's
3. Record demos
4. Take screenshots in the middle of the map as per rules of your division **
5. Exec CAL.cfg and Go lo3
6. Play the 1st half
7. Switch teams after the last round of the half is completed
8. Stop your demo
9. Record new demo
10. Take new screenshots if required (if a player was subbed or disconnected)
11. Exec CAL.cfg and Go lo3
12. Play the 2nd half
13. After the 2nd half is completed say Good game stop the demo and leave the server

If there is an overtime:

1. Switch teams again so if you started CT 1st half, you are CT again.
2. Record demos
3. Take screenshots if required (if a player was subbed or disconnected)
4. Exec Ca lot.cfg and Go lo3
5. Switch teams at the end of the half
6. Stop Demos
7. Record new ones
8. Take new screenshots if required (if a player was subbed or disconnected)
9. Exec Ca lot.cfg and Go lo3
10. Finish the Half
11. Repeat the OT process if the overtime result is a TIE again. Play until one team wins and then report ONLY the last overtime. Check your division rules for more details.

** Your division may have special rules concerning screenshots, make sure you consult and follow them accordingly. Also the leader of the team who owns the server should take a RCON status screenshot.

6.30 After Match

After your match, the winning team should report the scores on the CAL website. The losing team has 24 hours to dispute the match. Please consult the section on disputes for more details.

7.00 Gaming Coverage/News Sites

7.10 Amped


Amped is a very nice gaming coverage site. It covers a few popular games and it provides good coverage of the CS: Source community. You can download demos, see gaming news, see matches predictions and more on amped.

7.20 Gotfrag


Another great gaming coverage site. However it's more focused on the Counter-Strike 1.6 community compared to Amped. But it does cover a lot of other games as well. You can also download demos, check news and a lot more stuff, check it out.

7.30 SourceCenter


Source Center is a project in the making that focuses on the CS: S coverage.

7.40 CPL


The CPL is the main company that promotes gaming competition throughout the world. You can check CPL's history and a lot more on their website. CPL is mostly known for their bi-yearly gaming tournaments and also their World Tour Game.

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