Monday, February 4, 2008

cs:s weapon spray patterns with pictures

What Is Weapon Spray
Weapon spray is a term used for when you fire repeated rounds from a gun & spray fire in a direction. By holding down the fire button and aiming straight the recoil from the weapon produces a spray of fire which hits around the target or cross hair in this case. The more recoil on a weapon the more spray is produced and this is where I come in... Unknown to many, CSS has built in spray patterns for every weapon and it's key to know the patterns if you are to take advanage of this. Note the following patterns are produced from a static firing position and when moving will change.

You can clearly see the M4a1 has 2 main patterns a 'T' shaped pattern & a 'P' pattern that somtimes is reversed

AUG & SG550
You can clearly see with the CT's AUG & the T's SG550 both have the same spray patterns. The main spray patterns is a 'T' shaped pattern & the odd 'P' pattern slipped in.

The AK47 seems to have the same basic spray pattern every time, the first 3 rounds hit almost spot on target but after that the weapon recoil kicks in and forces the fire upwards where the remain shots hit in a large area.

When doing this test the biggest surprise although thinking about it we should have known this anyway is the CT's Famas. It has a 'Burst Fire' mode and boy j00 when you enable it and spray fire the result you get is outstanding!! The spray pattern is very small almost spot on aim. Like the other weapons players need to learn how to burst fire to over come the weapon recoil this mode on the Famas does just that.

Summary & Findings
After carrying out this little test in CSS my finds are simple, if you find you need to "spray & pray" meaning if you end in a tough spot and panic releasing a spray of fire it's best to aim at the body & let the fire move up to the head than try for a head shot and then the spray going off target & not hitting anything.

All the above spray patterns were produce in static fixed positions and if you do the same by aiming at a wall and holding fire button down you will see that same patterns of spray repeated.

If anything this has for me shown that the CT's Famas is a great weapon to buy when low on cash, with it's full fire mode when very close but for long range kills the burst fire mode can not be beaten!!

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