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Visualizing and shooting guide for counter strike source and 1.6

“Visualization is also referred to as guided imagery, or the process of creating a scene in the athlete's mind of what she wants to happen. An athlete will create images, like pictures or movies, that recreate her best performances, or she will envision a desired outcome. While imagining these scenarios, the athlete actually imagines every detail and the way it feels to perform just the way she wants.

These images can be visual (images and pictures), kinesthetic (how the body may feel), or auditory (McMahon reported imagining the roar of the crowd). Using the mind, an athlete can call up these images over and over, enhancing her skill through repetition or rehearsal, similar to physical practice. With mental rehearsal, minds and bodies become trained to actually perform the skill imagined.”

Visualizing is a technique used by many pro athletes. although I do not believe Counter Strike is a sport, you can still benefit from the process of visualization.

There are two ways of visualizing; one is while you are actually playing the game, the other is when you are bored in class or where ever.

When playing my spot as a counter terrorist, there is usually only one direction the terrorists can come from. As I sit and wait for them to attack, I visualize how they will appear, and what will happen. I picture their heads coming into view, and how I will spray them down. I repeat this picture in my mind, repeatedly, until I actually have to fire. This keeps me focused and alert.

As a terrorist, before entering any area controlled by counter terrorists, I think of all the possible hiding spots. As I check each one, I act as though they are there - not with prefire, but by thinking about where their body will be, what level their head will be at, and the physical act of shooting them. Before picking a spot, I visualize over and over what it will be like to shoot them. Then, once I actually do shoot, I have already played the scene in my mind dozens of times.

When you are not at your computer, you can still practice. Think about sitting in your chair, playing Counter Strike. The more details you think of, the more effective it will be. You can visualize playing a particular spot, much like you do when you are actually in game. Or, you can think about how your terrorist strategies flow, and what you have to do in each one.

Controlling your shot
The first step in controlling your shot is having your cross hair at the correct position. When moving around the map, your cross hair should remain at head level, and be positioned exactly where your enemies heads will appear. This lessens the time you will have to spend aiming.

The way you shoot your weapon depends both on the type of gun it is, and also the distance. For this reason, I will talk about individual weapons, and how to shoot them at different distances, starting with the pistols.

Short range would be top of stairs on dust2 to bottom of stairs
Medium range is from B double doors on dust2 to where the terrorists enter the site.
Long range is top of long a to pit.

Short range, enemies has no armor: My preference here is to circle them while quickly tapping the fire button. The glock has almost no recoil at close range, and if you hit them in the head they won't be able to fire.

Short range, armor: What my team normally did on save rounds without deagles was the monkey jump. You go to some part of the map where the CTs are forced into close quarters combat, then you burst fire your glocks while jumping.

Medium range: You can still quickly tap on the fire button, but you should avoid moving too much

Long range: The glock sucks at this distance. If the enemies has armor, it can do as little as 3 damage a hit. Try to get closer, either by running towards them while snaking back and forth, or by finding another point of entry. If you must shoot from this distance, duck and space your shots by about 1/2 a second. You must aim for the head, or else you will never kill them

Short range: You can move a bit. If you are aiming for the head, space your shots by about 1/3 of a second. If you aim for the body, spam your shots as fast as possible.

Medium range: Stand still, possibly duck if you do not need the mobility. Shots should be fired at about 1 a second, aiming for the head. If you do spam the USP, your cross hair should be on the low part of their chest as you reach the end of your spam.

Long range: Same as medium, but don't spray. Take time to count out a second between shots (in your head, not out loud unless you want your teammates to kill you).

Short range: You can strafe around them. If your first shot misses, you should lower your aim to their shoulders. If you don't get them in the first two shots, spray your deagle at their body.

Medium range: Don't move, either strafe back and forth and fire shots on the pauses, or duck for maximum accuracy. Shots should be paced at about a second each. Take the time to aim before shooting.

Long range: You cannot kill with a single shot at very long ranges, and body shots will take 4 or more to kill. Try to get closer, or if you must shoot from such a distance, duck

Short range: You can run and shoot the first 5-10 bullets of your spray, then you should duck and finish the spray. When doing an extended spray, pull your cross hair to around their navel, and wiggle your mouse back and forth.

Medium range: You can usually run with the first 3 bullets, but no more then that. I recommend that you do not move at all. Spray about 5 bullets, strafe to your left or right, then duck spray the rest of your bullets if you need to. Once again, wiggle your mouse while spraying.

Long range: Strafe back and forth while shooting 3 shot bursts. It is possible to spray at this range, but only if you have very good control, and even then it is not that accurate.

Short range: Same as colt, but you have to pull down farther, and shouldn't move while shooting except the first 3 bullets.

Medium range: Don't move. Start with a standing spray for your first 5, then duck to pull your shot into their head and wiggle your cross hair around their kneecaps.

Long range: same as colt, but no spraying

I don't AWP very much, so I am only going to talk about one thing. Too many people attempt to quickscope at close range. When you are in the lower leagues, you often have time to allow your gun to scope and to aim. Take this time to do so, because otherwise you end up firing 2-3 shots before dying, when you could have just killed them right away with a well aimed shot.

As an added bonus, here are some rules I typed up over 3 years ago, when I was still playing 1.6. They aren't hard and fast, but they can be helpful


1. At the beginning of each round in which the previous round was lost, do not buy. Instead, type how much money you have. Then, if the strategy caller calls buy, you buy.
2. Listen to the strategy. Do not talk at the beginning of the round. Whatever happened in the last round doesn't matter anymore, and don't yell at people for what they did wrong unless you are the strategy caller.
When throwing a flash bang, and other people are around you, say you are throwing it. No one likes to be blinded because you suck at throwing flash bangs or you threw it just as they peaked.
3. When CT, type a strategy for your site to follow. Each site should have a leader who calls strategies for that site. strategies should be gone over before scrims
4. Do NOT push. If you do push, say you are pushing, and say where you are pushing to. If you abandon your spot, say that you are leaving it. If people can get past you, say so. Getting shot from behind sucks, so lets try and prevent it.
5. If they are rushing, call a rush. Call how many people are there, and if you see the bomb. If you rotate to help someone, say you are rotating. Do not rotate unless bomb is called. Call before you are dead, not after.
6. When retaking a site, wait for everyone to be ready to enter the site. Throw flash bangs, and then rush the site together. If you start defusing, make sure someone is ready to cover you. Do not assume that they are covering you unless they say they are.
7. Gun>Defuse>greNades>Armor. If you have a choice between a defuse kit or head armor, get the kit.
8. As T, follow the strategy exactly. If the strategy calls for 2 long and 3 cat, type where you are going. Do not do whatever you like unless you ask the strategy caller if you can. Do not attack any site without telling people what you are doing. When you are going into a site, Flashes+smokes+nades into common hiding places
9. Once the bomb is planted, you cover a specific spot. Call where you are covering, and listen to where others are covering. Do NOT peek. Ever. Wait for them to start defuses, and then you peek and kill them, or get them to stop defusing.
10. Unless the strategy was called as a rush, walk. Don't switch to your knife or grenades, because both make noise.
11. When picking, pick together. Flash+peek as a team. Don't do it stupidly (AKA line up), but one guy jumps out and the other guy strafes out. If you are awping, then there should be someone with an AK-47 with you to back you up.
13. If the strategy is to rush, you rush. I don't care if you are blind. You keep bleeping running. I do not want 2 people to rush in and die, then 1 person goes in late, then the last 2 mosey in. This rule goes with number 12.
14. At the end of the round, don't shoot your teammates. If this kills them, they are going to be pissed.
15. I don't care if you are lagging. I don't care if your dad was talking to you. I don't want to hear excuses. Either you made the shot or you didn't. If you did, good job. If you didn't, I don't care but you better not waste my time telling me why you didn't.
16. Once you are dead, you do not talk on vent. Don't tell someone what they should be doing. If they die because they messed up, then it will stick in their mind better.

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