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counter strike source dictionary

CS Source: Dictionary

By Vinny “temptation” Prunotto

With the World's Cup around the corner, there will be plenty of live Counter Strike matches to see on DirecTV 101. While we realize most of you are experts when it comes to Counter Strike terminology, maybe there are a few of you out there who are not completely clear on what the shoutcasters mean when they refer to the Muck in de_contra or praise Moe for his noscopes. Vinny “temptation” Prunotto extended his Source Break Down series with everything you ever needed to know about Counter Strike terms from A to Z.


1 Deag - Getting a headshot with a deagle resulting in the player's death. (submitted by Gprime)

1 Shot - Headshoting a player on your first shot resulting in death. (submitted by fawny)

20 Bomb - The act of getting 20 frags in a single half of a counter strike match. (submitted by Gprime)

30 Bomb - The act of getting 30 frags in a single half of a counter strike match. (submitted by Gprime)

Note: The terms 2 bomb, 3 bomb etc were coined back in the days of 1.5 by #sopug, an old pug channel where professional CS players often idled. A bomb would be 10 kills, so 2 bomb = 20, etc etc. Might as well just say you got 20 kills if you are gonna call it a 20 bomb. While a bomb = 10 kills, it is mostly only used when it is a 2 bomb or higher, unless meant in a joking way. (submitted by Volcano)


A Bombsite – One of two bombsites that exist on each and every DE map.

Ace – The term used when a player single handedly kills all five members of the opposing team.

Aggressive – Used to describe a player or team who likes to push their way quickly into an area on a map.

Alt Mid – Short for alternate middle, it is the route that runs parallel the regular middle on de_inferno.

Apartments – The name given to pathways inside of the house leading to the B bombsite on de_inferno.

Arches – The word commonly used when talking about the left side of middle connecting the Counter Terrorist spawn to the middle of the map on de_inferno.


B Bombsite – The second bombsite of the two that exist on each and every DE map.

B Bridge – A small bridge that players cross over to enter the B bombsite on de_contra.

B Ramp – The ramp that leads from Terrorist spawn into the B bombsite on de_russka.

B Tunnels – The one direct route into the B bombsite as well as access to middle on de_dust2.

Back Hall – Describes the rear entry connecting the two yellow doors and the rear vent at the B bombsite on de_nuke.

Back Stairs – A set of stairs outside on de_nuke that lead underground to the B bombsite.

Bait - Yhe act of following your teammate into enemy fire to get an easy frag. The player that rushes first rarely gets the kill, but allows the next player to get the kill. (submitted by Gprime)

Banana – Another name for the pathway that leads to the A bombsite on de_inferno.

Barrels – Sometimes referred to as toxic barrels, these are the barrels in ivy on de_train that players can hide behind as a Counter Terrorist to stop a Terrorist side attack.

Big Garage – The larger of the two garages in the map de_nuke.

Blue Door – One two common names for the door next to hut on de_nuke that leads into the A bombsite.

Boiler Room – A small room at the bottom of the stairs leading out to right middle from apartments on de_inferno.

Bombsite – The designated area where Terrorists must plant the bomb.

Boost - A technique used where 2 or more members stack up on top of eachother to reach a spot otherwise deemed unreachable. (submitted by fawny)

Box Room – A corridor that is the main point of entry into the B bombsite on de_contra.

Bunny Hop - A physics exploit used in source to travel at a faster rate from place to place by hopping back and forth. (submitted by palooka)


Carry - To play well regardless of how bad your team is doing; to be the biggest factor in your team's sucess. (submitted by fawny)

Cat – Short for catwalk, which is a small pathway that leads to a bombsite or overlooks a particular choke point in a map.

Cathedral – The name given to the area that connect middle to B sand/plank on de_contra.

Choke Point – An area in a map where a lot of action takes place.
Closet – A small nook close the B tunnels on de_dust2 which is a commonly used hiding spot.

Clutch – The term used to define the situation in which an out numbered player single handedly wins the round.

Connector – A word that simply means a spot which connects one part of a map to another.

Construction – One of the most common names to describe the area in the back of the A bombsite that is a frequently used hiding spot.

Control Room – The room directly next to the radio room on de_nuke.

Crack – A spot at middle on de_contra and banana on de_inferno where players will AWP from.

Crouch Walking - The act of moving while crouched. (submitted by w^_-LF)

CT Ramp – A ramp that the Counter Terrorist can use to enter the A bombsite or take a position on the ramp to cover the bombsite itself.

CT Spawn – In full, the Counter Terrorist spawn is the starting point for the Counter Terrorists on a map.


Dead Man’s Valley – Or more commonly known as valley. This is one of the routes into the A bombsite on de_russka.

Deag - The short form of Desert Eagle, the most powerful pistol in the game.

Deco - An eco round where the team buys Deagles. (submitted by palooka)

Dink - Hitting a player in the head, but not resulting in death. (submitted by fawny)

Double Door – A simply term that defines the two adjacent doors in several spots on de_dust2.


E Box – Short for Electric Box, the e box is an electric circuit breaker that provides a small bit of protection from gun fire on de_train.

Eco - A round where a team short on money uses pistols so they can buy better weapons in the upcoming rounds. Also used to describe winning on a save round. Example 1 - This will be an eco round for for the team, they are using their pistols.
Example 2 - We just eco'd them third round after losing the first two. (submitted by palooka)

Even - When a player has an equal number of kills and deaths by the end of a game.


Fake Defuse – When a Counter Terrorist will begin to defuse the bomb and let off of it to draw out a lurking enemy.

Fire Fight – This word simply means when two or more players exchange shots at each other.

Five Train – The first train underneath the awning in the middle train set at the A bombsite on de_train.

Flank – When an enemy sneaks up on an opponent without them knowing.

Flash – Short for flashbang which is a type of grenade that causes an enemy to be completely blind and deaf for a short period of time.

Flick Shot: With an awp, moving your crosshairs across the screen onto the opposing enemy and clicking on him at high speed. (submitted by w^_-LF)

Forklift – A spot that provides cover for Counter Terrorist when trying to hold the A bombsite on de_nuke.

Fountain – A water fountain in the middle of the A bombsite. Terrorists can plant next to the fountain, but not inside of the fountain due to a defusal bug.


Gamesense - A word encompassing a player's ability to interpret their surroundings and ability to make decisions in-game. "That guy rushed bombsite B by himself, he has no gamesense." (submitted by Gprime)

Garden – A small hiding spot on de_inferno at the B bombsite where players can watch several spots in the site.

Generator – A tiny hiding spot adjacent to the A bombsite on de_inferno.

Granny awp - To play as far back with an awp as possible from the opposing team's rush in order to hit some easy shots. "That kid only gets such a high score because he granny awps all the time" (submitted by Gprime)

Grill – A common bomb plant spot that leaves the bomb completely in the open which can then be seen from several different spots by the Terrorists.


Headshot - The act of firing upon an a enemy and killing them with a shot to the head. ( submitted by w^_-LF)

Heaven – The term used to describe an area suspended in the air that can be accessed by the use of a ladder, commonly seen on maps such as de_nuke and de_train.

Hell – The term used to describe the spot below heaven on specifically the map de_train.

Hut – A small tin shack that connects the Terrorist lobby to the A bombsite on de_nuke.


Inner: Used to define the B bombsite of de_train because it is located inside of a building that harbors a train yard.

Interp'ed - Dieing from enemy fire when the enemy peeked you and saw your model on his client before you could see him on your client. "Oh man I got interped, I didn't even see that guy shoot at me and I died" (submitted by Gprime)

Ivy: The hallway that leads the Terrorists to the A bombsite on de_train.


Janitor Closet: Another name for the boiler room on de_inferno.


Kevlar – Another name for body armor.

Kit - Short for defusal kit, referring to equipment that allows a CT to defuse the bomb in a shorter time period. (submitted by palooka)

Kitchen – A spot in the Terrorist side of apartments. This spot is used as a hiding spot if a Terrorist finds that they are out of time and must hide to save their weapon.


Ladder Train – The train that is directly next to the ladder leading from inside to outside of de_train.

Leg - Hitting a player in the leg with the AWP which normally kills in 1 shot anywhere on the body except the legs. (submitted by fawny)

Library – The room that connects the Counter Terrorist spawn to the B bombsite.

Lobby – The spot that provides several options for Terrorists when choosing which bombsite to hit on de_nuke.

Locker Room – The room below heaven on de_nuke.

Long A – The long stretch on de_dust2 from the Terrorist spawn to the platform at the A bombsite.

Lower B - The area in de_dust2 that stretches from Terrorist side of Mid-Double doors to upper B Tunnel. (submitted by K4C)


Maze – The corridor that provides access to both lower and upper A on de_contra.

Middle – Simply put, the middle of the map.

Mini Garage – The smaller of the two garages that connects the A bombsite to the outside of the power plant on de_nuke.

MM1 - Short for message mode 1, which means that a user/team is speaking in public chat rather than private/team (mm2) chat.

MM2 - Short for message mode 2, meaning to only use team chat. (submitted by fawny)

Muck – The term used to define the mushy mud that is located in spots such as upper A and the water access point near B bridge on de_contra.


Nade – Short form for HE grenade. Can also be used to define the use of a flashbang, HE grenade, or smoke.

Negative - When a player has more deaths then kills. (submitted by fawny)

Noscope – Defines the ability of a player to eliminate an enemy without zooming in with an AWP.


Oranges – The term used to define a spot at the A bombsite on de_inferno that is behind crates full of oranges.

Outter – Used to define the A bombsite on de_train since it is out in the open.


Pit – The large area next to garden that can observe the exit of apartments as well as right mid on de_inferno. This is also the name of the hole toward the end of long A on de_dust2.

Plank – The two pieces of wood that connect cathedral to water on de_contra.

Platform – Plat for short, is a concrete floor area that harbors items ranging from boxes and barrels to hide behind, to the plat actually being the bombsite itself seen on de_dust2.

Popdog - Another name for the train that is adjacent to the ladder room on de_train. This term originates from the original Counter-Strike, which had graffiti on the side of this train that had a dog with bubbles coming out of his mouth, harboring the phrase "Popdog". (submitted by Hoit)

Positive - When a player has more kills then deaths. (submitted by fawny)

Pre-Nade/Pre-Flash: The concept of throwing a HE or flashbang grenade without knowing for sure if there will be opponents going through that particular route. Pre-nading and pre-flashing are usually used to stop rushes, or to trick the other team into believing that the players in question are pushing a particular pathway."Ok, You and I are gonna pre-flash Long A doors, then fall back and play passive." (submitted by r3b0und)


Quick Scope – The term used to describe the event that occurs when an AWPer barely has the time to zoom in and instantly shoots as the scope zooms.


Radio Room – The room that leads Terrorists from lobby to the ramp on de_nuke.

Rafter – The walkway that is suspended in the air on de_nuke.

Ramp – The passage that leads to the B bombsite on de_nuke.

Randy - A player who gets incredibly lucky shots, but does not amass very many frags. (submitted by Gprime)

Red Room – The read lighted room that connects the B corridor to the middle of the map on de_russka.

Rock – A small rock on the Counter Terrorist side of de_dust2 that allow a CT to see over smokes at middle and eliminate players going cat with an AWP.

Roo Shootin - Shooting a player that is jumping. (submitted by K4C)

Rotation – When players shift from one side of the map to another.


Sand – The dried out river bed that provides access to the A bombsite as well as the B bombsite on de_contra. You can rotate in between sites by using this route as well.

Silo – The yellow tank that the Terrorists can boost on to gain a height advantage as well as sneak up on enemies outside on de_nuke.

Smoke - Action of using a smoke grenade to conceal a area. (submitted by fawny)

Spools – The large cable wrapped wooden holders that players will commonly stand on to gain a height advantage on an enemy at the A bombsite on de_inferno.

Spraying - When a player holds down their fire button, increasing their firepower but decreasing accuracy. Recoil of a spray can be controlled by skilled players by pulling crosshairs down. Spraying is more effective on close range targets and through objects such as doors or boxes. (submitted by palooka)

Squeaky – Another word for blue door on de_nuke.


T Spawn - In full, the Terrorist spawn is the starting point for the Terrorists on a map.


Underground – Used to define the route from Terrorist spawn to the A bombsite on de_season.


Vent – Describes any point of entry that players must shoot out a vent cover to gain access to a new point on a map. Maps such as de_nuke and de_season have a vent.


White Halls – The long stretch that connects Terrorist spawn and the B bombsite on de_train.

Whiff - Another word for missing a shot. "Dude, I totally whiffed that shot" (submitted by Gprime)


Yellow – A tank that Counter Terrorists use as a hiding spot at ramp on de_nuke. Some players also call silo, yellow as well.


Z Connector – The zigzag connector that joins the B bombsite to the outside train yard of de_train.

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