Saturday, March 14, 2009

counter strike source: How can I record a demo / take a screenshot

How can I record a demo / take a screenshot?
To record a demo in Counter-Strike, press your console key, this is usually above your TAB key and looks like , once you have the console up, type "record " (without quotes), this will start recording a demo. To stop recording, bring up the console again and type "stop". The demo will now be complete and is saved in your Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike folder named .dem.

To record a demo in Counter-Strike: Source, it is exactly the same as in Counter-Strike, except that after you have stopped recording, it is stored in your Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike source\cstrike folder.

To play back your demo, make sure it is in the correct folder (see above), and in your console, type: playdemo . In Counter-Strike, you have the option of typing viewdemo instead, this includes a toolbar where you can change speed, pause, and skip time. This function is not included with Counter-Strike: Source at this time.

To take a screenshot in Counter-Strike, you can bind a key to "screenshot", by default it is bound to your F5 key. If you want to take a screenshot of your console, the best way it to type "screenshot" (without quotes) in your console, both these commands save it as a bitmap (.bmp) file named "map name xxxx.bmp" in your Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike folder, where xxxx is an auto-incremental value depending on how many screenshots you have taken of that particular map. In Counter-Strike: Source, you should bind a key to "jpeg" (without quotes), this will save it as a JPEG (.jpg) "named map name xxxx.jpg" in your Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike source\cstrike\screenshots folder.

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