Friday, January 25, 2008

Advanced Strategies for CT de_dust2 for counter strike source and 1.6


Pistol Round:
Most professional teams play it by spawn and have a basic setup. The strategy I’ve always used is a defensive long, 1 agro short, 2 middle, 1 b defensive. The main goal for the CT is to get the players low by using grenades and slow down rushes with flashes. (The basic buy is Defuse Kit + Nade + Flash)

Long Player – Picks and counts players as they enter ct side of long. Makes a quick call and players rotate by how many the player calls. The long player is determined by the spawn, closest long will take this position. (This player is required to boost the short player up to short for the quick agro pick)

Short Player – 2nd closest to A and must be extremely fast with the boosting if they are to make the strat work. (this player must buy NADE + SMOKE + FLASH) Once up onto short stairs he will flash it then smoke lower dark then push up catwalk n spot the players rushing short/middle if seen grenades and falls back to stairs waiting for a rush. (makes a fast call counting the players)

B Player – Closest to B. This player uses the basic buy. This player picks b from the window. He will run in pre flash b then fall back to window and hold. This players main goal is to get a early call for the quick rotate to retake B. MUST GET THE NADE INTO THE BACK MID OF B BOX TO LOWER PLAYERS.

2 Middle players – The two middle spawned players will hold mid. 1 will spot cat walk n try get binks n get the early pick for the short player. The other player with stand close to the doors trying to pick the guy picking middle. (Glock vs USP = USP Winner.) This player is the rotater so if a call is made he is first there to backup and will get the nade into them. The other player who is spotting cat walk needs to be sharp n precise so I recommend the sharpest aimer to take this position.

Retakes -

Retaking Long
The player holding long MUST count the players n try spot the bomb to make the rotate work well… you don’t want them to goblin plant B. It is so easy to kill them while crossing long. You just need to all stand in CT Spawn strafing n binking n just nade into the site easy kills. You must remember it may be a split so the short player needs to always be watching short so he isnt “gayed.”

Retaking B
The close middle player will firstly go until 5 players are spotted or the bomb is then all players will gren into site then all flash over and force the retake, first player checking gay spot (left of B) 2nd going for behind middle b box and the other 3 going random positions. (Don’t retake from dark)

Retaking short
You cant do much in this situation but have the long player still hold long and the guy in middle try bink them all and the player holding short nade and try spam them with the usp. The middle close player can easily push up middle and anal them while the other players flash/nade them from ct spawn.

This is a pretty advanced strat that will need to be dry ran, but once its known and everyone knows how to retake you will find your self winning those pistol rounds you were losing previously. As most of you know the pistol strat is a must win for any competitions as it can lead to winning the next 2 rounds

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