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Advanced Strategies Part Two: Being a coordinated team.

Advanced Strategies
Part Two: Being a coordinated team.

Being an unpredictable player and team:
So you have most likely scrimmed teams in which you can predict what they're doing exactly every round. This is due to inexperienced players. Irene Sutrik said “An unpredictable man, is a good man.” This relates to counter-strike in a strategic way. Think about it, a player pushs B and picks off 2 of your players. He does this 2 rounds in a row and does the EXACT same thing and still picks you off, the next round you are ready for it and you end up picking him off then push b and win the round. If you think about it, he should of never been able to get the players the second time, it should have been covered.

The thing is you need to adapt to the other teams play which can be easily done by learning from mistakes. So put your self in the player that pushs b’s position. You push a round you get 2, next round you have confidence you can do it again, but in reality you probably will get smacked because they will be ready for it. So mind over matter and play defensive the next round, let them wait for you and waste a bit of the round which will lead to a late call and will cause them to make mistakes. Have a designated picker every round in different positions so you can get the early call for the quick rotate. It’s very simple and it will allow you to know where the opposition team is which leads to players being able to shoot down the opposition with ease.

Think about this one, start doing stuff in patterns, don’t do things twice in a row maybe not even 3 times in a row, try to be in unpredictable positions, eventually they will expect you in gay positions so they will check everything, once they start doing this go in obvious spots and they will just quick check those spots so you can easily shoot them before they even know it.

Coordinating Rushes:
Alright, your caller has called a hard B and your team is heading into dark but you are flashed from the entry flash into b, everyone stops and anyone who goes in gets snapped and rages at the rest of the team “baiters111!!!1!!” to stop this, stay at spawn for an extra 3-5 seconds then commence the rush. If you still get flashed keep running chances are the other team is flashed and won’t be able to Spam you all down because u will split up. With rushes you need to all go together, don’t stop crouch and shoot people keep running… make it harder for the holder to get you all at once make him work for his kills by strafing!

Save Rounds:
Stacking sites on save rounds is crucial; “winning a save round is a great confidence boost for you. It can turn games around. Ok say your on inferno and need to save, you all stack A “ponds”. The way you setup is 2 in site(nades), 1 back of site (picking), 2 ct spawn side(nades).

Nades are the key in save rounds once the spotter sees them you can all grenade at once and start pushing so they are still stunned from the nades and make the quick kills as they will be on low HP. Beware… The spotter never calls it if only 1 is seen, if 1 is seen he will call and everyone will pull out pistols and wait for him until more are seen or noise is made. So remember the 1 extra player can make a difference of 50 damage to 1-5 players and can shoot them. If they end up going the other site, you all go together and try pick off the exit players don’t ever split up, your just an easy frag for the opposition team.

Team Layout:
This is the leaders/callers job. Giving your players a role is something that will allow each player to get the best out of there own game and even lead to improvement of others game. Remember playing with a good team brings out the best of a player. Playing with a bad team puts you down unless you’re a rambo frag machine, (you wont last in upper class competitions). Each player is better at either AWP’ing or AK/Colting, or rushing or a slow picking player. Having designated players can allow people to focus on there own game. Layout of players,

First In Point man: First player to hit the site in a rush must have fast aim and good in close range and long range aiming.

° Second in Point man: Second player to hit the site must have fast aim and be able to kill while being slightly flashed”

Picker (AWPer): Picks long range players while the first players in clean the site, must be fast and move quickly.

Picker (Rifle-AK/Colt): Backs up the awper and cleans up players along with the pointmen.

Last In Sweeper: Watchs for anal picks, holds a position by him self while the rest of the team hold opposites, Say for instance B on dust2, this player will watch dark.

The leader/caller must pick these players knowing what the player is capable of doing best.

Improving Your Game:

Improving your game isn’t about deathmatching , scrimming or pubbing 12 hours a day. Aim is not the only thing involved in FPS, being able to aim does allow you to be a better player but it shouldn’t be the only thing you work on. Improving your clue is about learning from past mistakes and experience. Pub doesn’t give you experience, neither deathmatch. Warring gives you experience but the experience comes with learning from mistakes and gameplay that works. I’m sure a lot of you do things that you really don’t think about the outcome, you probally even do it in real life. If you want to be a good player you need to start thinking about what your doing, think about the outcomes, positives and negatives. If something doesn’t work, see why it went wrong, what can you improve? My advice is to get your aim “good enough” then knuckle down and start playing properly, think about everything!!!

If you can do all of this your pretty much set, once you have these done you can expand your team. Remember not to have too much of a big roster you want to know everything about your players and not being using different line ups all the time. Join a LAN Team; this will give you a lot of experience. Just remember the smartest man, is a powerful man.

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